Android two-way voice issues

Is anybody else experiencing problems using the two way audio on their cameras? We just bought the Pan camera and I can’t get the two way voice function to work. I’m thinking that it’s an Android issue since my fiance doesn’t have any issues with it using her iPhone.

Am I alone in this?

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What are the symptoms you are experiencing?

I can’t use my phone to send audio to the camera like I should be able to. However, on my fiance’s iPhone, she is able to.

Have you double checked that you gave the app permissions to the device to use the mic?


Yes I have.

Have you uninstalled the app completely and reinstalled?

No I haven’t. I’ll give that a try.

Try that and let me know. That’s an easy fix/solution if it works.

Well i did that and it doesnt seem to work still. Unless my dog is ignoring me…

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Haha mine does all the time. You may have to have your device and go right near the camera.

I will check when I get home from work. I’m assuming it still isn’t working because his ears never perked up or anything.

What android device do you have?

What version is the app?

mine works but sounds horrible. but that could just be the way it supposed to be?

Galaxy S9+ and whatever the latest app in the app store is

On my fiance’s iPhone it doesnt sound all that great either. I’m thinking it’s just how it is.

I just bought the cam pan today and I cannot hear clear audio… garble and maybe very low voice using my new s10. I install the app on my s8 and everything works fine. I tried resetting the camera, reinstalling app and double check permissions but still cant get it to work on my s10. My s10 running android 9 and my s8 that work runs android 8. Please help otherwise the only solution is to return them back to store

I have a Pixel 2 XL on Pie. My Pan Cam has always done audio via the phone call channel. Which ends up switching ALL audio coming out of the phone into a a lower quality mono output. I have to switch to a Wyzecam v2 to kick it back into normal stereo media mode. I think this is the reason there are so many issues, from poor quality to low or high volume (it’s a different volume control, this is how I noticed somethings was different).

I have a bunch of different devices, and the only one I can’t talk through is my Samsung s9+, I can hear audio just fine, just can’t speak through the pan cam. Normal v2 cameras work however

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I’ve used the nest cameras and now this. And I have to say the one feature that is light years better on the nest is the two-way communication. There is plenty of room for improvement here for Wyze cams. I have always had an issue with this feature …at best this works about 45% of the time.

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I share my first wyze cam v1 with my daughter in Fl. It is set up in the granddaughter play room. I am in NY and have a wyze cam 2. I have greatly enjoyed watching the alerts showing my great grand daughter playing or napping. When my daughter is in the room with her reading or getting her to nap, I have successfully turned on the live cam and I can clearly hear them. But when I have tried to talk, they hear me but cannot understand me. They say it is garbled and they can’t even guess what I am saying, even when I try to speak slowly and clearly, just to say “hi”. The great grand calls me GG (for great gramma) and has learned that is me . She will come right up to camera and say “hi GG”. So disappointed that I can’t talk back. Any suggestions?