2 way audio

My 2 way audio is not working. I hear them on my phone but they can’t hear me. Am I missing anything.

Hello @giann, have you made sure inside of the phones system settings that the microphone is enabled for the Wyze app?

Also keep in mind that push to talk works differently between the V2 and Pan. On the V2, you must hold down the talk button. On the Pan, you tap it once and it stays engaged until you tap again.

Tech note: this is because the Pan is full duplex audio while the V2 is single duplex, due to hardware limitations.

That said, also see this:

I just purchased the pan camera today and am having the same problem as Giann. The 2 way audio is faint and they cannot hear me from my phone. I have a Samsung 9.
This is very annoying since I got this to keep an eye on my wife who is sick and if she can’t hear me this is useless. Is there a fix for this? I just got it because of the reviews I read.

I also can hear my Cam V2 but when I try to talk it comes out “techno” on the camera end?? Any help??

I have basically the same issue… I cannot hear the person at the door but they can hear me. I have tried EVERY source to find an answer without success. WYZE needs to IMPROVE their customer service process. I think I am going to send my Video Doorbell and 3 Cameras back. There HAS to be a system that really wants to help their customers.