2 way audio issues

I just bought the cam pan today and I cannot hear the two way audio using my new samsung s10. I install the app on my old s8 and my wife iPhone 7 and everything works great. I tried resetting the camera, reinstalling app and double check permissions but still cant get it to work on my s10. My s10 running android 9 and my s8 that work runs android 8. Please help otherwise the only solution is to return them back to store because this is a big feature that I needed

This is a known issue and Wyze team is hot on the trail To resolve it .
See here

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Hi - this still seems to be an issue with the pan cam and version

The sound is garbled and weak - and the person near the camera hears themselves.

  • of course it could be user error on our end.

Note - this is happening with both devices we purchased.


This is an on going issue and I do not expect it to be resolved any time soon :upside_down_face:

Tech on chat had me ‘reset’ the Pan Cam.
We’ll see if a simple reset resolves the issues. :open_mouth:

Ok - I’ve honed in on what appears to be the real issue.
When in the app, having both ‘sound’ and ‘mic’ on (presuming this is how you speak with someone) - when a person is at the camera and says something, it gets played back to them. (they hear themself).

User error on my end?
Note - this happens with BOTH of our new pan cams>
*also - I can start a new thread if needed.

So - the sent me a replacement and they have the issue as well.
I then try the same steps on an old IPAD - worked like a charm - no issue.

It appears that the app has issues with my Samsung S7.