Volume is low on my cameras in both directions. Any Ideas?


i have the same thing how do you fix it

Currently there isn’t a way to adjust the volume. The Wyze Cam v2, however, has a much improved speaker and audio chip! I was picked for the hardware beta test, and the audio is much better.


Same problem. Audio set-up directions are MUCH louder so device IS able to produce louder volume.

Not for me. I just installed mine and while everything else is great, the speaker volume is almost non-existent!

I love my Cam Pan except for the two way audio feature. The volume on the speaker is so low it can’t be heard unless you are right next to the camera making the feature pretty much useless.

I use iPhone and iPad. I can barely hear anything from the mic and when I speak into the iPhone, I can hardly hear myself talk.

Any idea on how to turn up the volume on this camera?

Adding to this thread. My Pan Cam is 5 feet away from 2 people talking in the dining room and I can barely hear them. We need a better microphone for the Cam’s.

Is the V2 cam microphone better than the Pan Cam one?


I have several wyze cams. I had to replace 2 because the mic volume was so low you couldn’t hear anything. But my other 2 identical wyze cams have excellent mic volume. You can clearly understand conversations in another room. I have asked wyze for any solutions, but the only solution was rebooting and downloading an older firmware version. When this didn’t help, replace camera. They were very good about that. Since all cameras are on the same firmware version, I am suspecting a hardware issue. I don’t want to disassemble and unsolder a good and bad mic to test if it the mic or other electronics. But it would be nice if someone wanted to do that to determine where the problem is. I would hope someone at wyze has qa board level experience.

I’m having the same issue as well. Can hardly hear anything through the mic.

Even when I try to talk back from my end, people can barely hear me.

Even when the volume is fully turned up.

Any tips or ideas on how to crank up the volume on both sides??

I have asked tech support multiple times for help. They had me first try resetting the camera. Then rolling back the firmware version. Nothing worked. The only thing that worked was replacing the camera. I don’t know if the mic was always bad, slowly went bad or I never noticed before because I was most interested in video. But I started using the sound to accompany the video so I would know when a certain event occurred when I wasn’t watching video. Then on my 2nd camera I used the sound a lot, but then the mic volume went down. There was no fix for the problem. The one thing I wanted to do was take the camera apart and check out the mic. But I would have to take 2 cameras apart, possibly breaking the good one. I don’t have the test equipment to do extensive testing on circuit boards. This is something that wyze should do since many people have similar problems with the mic. It could be a production problem. Since I had all my cameras on the same firmware version, I ruled out a firmware cause. Even though some people said when they updated firmware the problem started, I couldn’t be sure. So for my final test, I am going to take a known camera with good mic and put it in the same location as the bad one and see if it fails.

Let me know how that goes! I’m curious as to how it will go.

In some ways, it almost does sound like its the camera itself. Quality is inconsistent perhaps? Especially when made in China.