Audio in the Android App

I have a strange issue. I have a Pan cam (, and a V2 ( currently connected (and one of each I have not connected yet, but will check later). Running the Wyze app on a Samsung Note 9 with Android 9/OneUI.

When adjusting volume for the V2, it uses (as I would expect) the Media volume adjustment. Volume increases and decreases as expected.

However, when I try to adjust the volume of the Pan cam, the “In-call” volume adjustment (as if I were on a phone call) appears. (I can’t hear any sound and no volume change - though, in fairness, this could be the environment the camera is in.)

Any ideas why different volume sources would be used for different cameras? :thinking:

That is as designed. If I recall properly, it’s because the V2 camera uses one-way audio. The Pan camera uses two-way audio.

Except the V2 is advertised as 2-way audio.

Let me clarify. Yes, there is two-audio on the V2, but it is not simultaneous two-way audio like the Pan has.

Ah, OK. Didn’t see that in the specs…

However, the fact that the volume doesn’t increase or decrease is still a bit troublesome. I can hear the unit move as I pan, but the sound level remains constant as I adjust it up or down. I guess, I will have to do a bit more testing when I get home.

@None there’s an issue with sound with the wyze cam pan…