Inconsistent volume/audio sources and controls

Noticed that when I turn on sound on my Wyze Cam Pan, the audio comes through my phone’s earpiece only (and registers as in-call audio) but when I do same on my Wyze Cam v2, audio comes through the phone’s bottom-firing speakers (identified as Media, which I assume is the correct way it is supposed to be).

Trying to adjust said volume only increases the slider for each individual speaker as shown in the screenshots attached. Does anyone else experience this?

Updating to the latest beta didn’t still fix this and instead introduced another problem where the earpiece volume jumps directly to 100% (nearly deafened me because I had Bluetooth earphones on). I am running the latest Wyze Cam app on a Galaxy Note 9 with Android 9.0 Pie. This does not happen on my iPhone.


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Yes, this is a known issue. I’m not sure where they are with fixing this. I’ll ping some Wyze employees again. This thread has some information on it, too.

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I just installed 2 new wyze pans and I’m having the same issue. Volume only comes through my phone’s earpiece. I have 8 v2 cameras and none have this issue

Hello @PCHEB76, this is a known issue by Wyze and they have been working on fixing it so for the most updated thread check out this link.

Any update to this? Extremely frustrating because phone will shutoff the screen after 30 seconds for a Call. Needs to be resolved urgently!

Here is a developer to contact directly about audio issues:

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Just got mine working, went into settings of phone and switched on mono, now it comes out both speakers