Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I’m having this issue as well with my pan cam. Specifically playing back the recordings from the SD card. I was viewing a video on my laptop and there were a couple of people talking within 5 feet of the pan cam. I could not hear a thing. The speakers on my laptop were turned up to 100%. In this case, not a phone issue and I also have a Samsung.

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Same issue. I have a Google Pixel 3 phone - NOT a Samsung phone.


You should definitely send in a Support request through the app with log files.
Go to Account > Help & feedback > Report an issue

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Interesting… I agree with HDRock, please send report request and log files.

I have this exact same problem. I submitted report with logs.

What I’ve found is that the volume for Wyze Pan Cam is mapped to Android’s “Call Volume” and not the “Media Volume”. This is incorrect. It should be mapped to the “Media Volume”.

In any case, if you’re using an Android phone device, try to increase that specific volume setting. If you’re using a tablet or other device (Alexa enabled, etc), then it won’t work.

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That is a different problem from what this thread is about

Having the same issue with both of my Pans. No idea if they worked before the listed firmware update as I ordered them after and didn’t use them before updating the firmware. I have confirmed that they have issues by setting up my two V2 cams next to each Pan cam and recording sound. The Pans will not record at the volume that V2 cams record. I sent in the log file about a week ago and have heard nothing back. Thanks.

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Did you ever get a reply? I would also like to know what previous version worked properly. Thanks.

I was just told in an email from Wyze support that Wyze App 2.4 should be released in a week or two and that will hopefully solve this issue. It’s been an annoyingly long time but fingers crossed, this fixes it.

I noticed a few days ago that if I pull up my pan cams on my Galaxy Tab 4 running an old version of Android, 5.1.1, I can hear things through the speakers where I hear nothing when using my phone with Android 8/9.

It also has another issue where the video lags big time. If I view a Pan cam through my tablet while moving the cam using my phone, the video lags big time. I can move the cam and the tablet picture won’t move until 15 seconds after the cam has already moved. You can, also hear the motor humming through the tablet at the point its supposed to be moving. It doesn’t move, though. You hear the humming and 15 seconds later, the picture pans to where you put it earlier.

Pretty weird. I was just glad to know the audio actually does work on my pan cams.

I keep seeing Techs asking for ticket numbers, how about providing a response to fix this issue or would they rather have a bunch of disgruntled consumers telling everyone they know that these cameras are not worth the trouble? C’mon Wyze, get off your thumbs and provide a fix!

My issue seems to have been fixed with the firmware update I downloaded yesterday.

How about Sound Detection? Is it working correctly now?

After updating to Wyze app 2.4, I can now use the cam as an intercom finally. This appears to have fixed the audio issues I was having.

That sounds promising. Version 2.4 doesn’t appear available in Google Play yet, good to hear it’s coming. :grinning:

Are you able to sign up for the beta program through the play store?

I also have no audio from my 2 Pan cameras. I’ve done all the recommended trouble shooting. Need help please!

Me too, muffles sound on one and none on other 2 and one works great, so 1 out of 4 the sounds work, I use them all on the same iPad or phone so I know it isn’t a problem there.

I just installed my Wyze Cam Pan. I dutifully updated the firmware as well. I love the cam, but the volume on the speaker is almost non-existent. Any ideas?

It’s a firmware bug. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
Submit a ticket and post it here.