Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?

Complaints about the Wyze app capturing bluetooth devices and attempting to make a phone call have been well documented in this forum since the Spring of 2018. A Wyze tech support person also admitted they have the same problem. It’s also the #1 complaint for the app in Google Play. Yet Wyze has not addressed the problem and has not responded to my tech support request. My Pan Cam is 2 days old, has the latest firmware and still has this well known bluetooth bug. Feel free to chime in and let’s try to get some attention to fix this major bug.


It isn’t a problem for me personally But it is an old problem That needs to be addressed and fixed

Hey, someone pointed me toward this thread and I’m happy to try to get a tech person here (though pretty much everyone is out of the office now so it probably won’t happen until next week).

Just so you know, this is the Ask the Community area so you aren’t as likely to get Wyze attention from here. We are further behind on support tickets than we would like to be but we will get to yours when we can. We apologize for the delay on that.

Thanks but I’m trying everything to get your attention. In fact, you were the person who acknowledged you were also having this bluetooth problem months ago! I’m starting to think there is no tech support for these products. My ticket number is 143599. Look through these forums and the feedback on Google Play. This is a real problem.

Here are some of the Wyze threads on this subject. June of 2018 and the problem is still here. Every time I get in my Ford Sync vehicle and my phone calls itself because of the Wyze bluetooth bug, I am reminded how unresponsive Wyze tech support has been on this long standing issue.

I’m actually not the person from that other thread but I definitely understand your confusion with our photos both showing us with blue hair and having Wyze at the beginning of our usernames. :slight_smile:

This has been escalated in the team and we’re taking another look at it. I hear that we’re feeling optimistic that a future app release will be able to help with this but we don’t have a timeline yet. I’ll send this thread to the devs. :slight_smile:

Wyze technical support responded to my ticket several weeks ago and stated “The bug has been resolved in our testing based on reports so far, so our next app release should provide the fix.”

After the latest firmware ( and Wyze application software update (v2.0.23) of 12/21/18, the problem still exists. Every time I start my Ford Sync vehicle, the Wyze app captures the Bluetooth connection and tries to make a phone call. Every time I turn on my Sony speaker, the Wyze app captures the Bluetooth connection and opens an audio channel.

As I said before, this problem has been well known for 6+ months and Wyze has still not fixed it. I believe there is very little tech support for these products. But they did manage to add in-app purchases of more Wyze cameras to the latest software update. That’s putting the customer first (insert sarcastic smirk here).

I have this issue with other devices that don’t have the Wyze App. How do you know its Wyze doing it? Just curious. Seems very strange. Is this when you have the app open only or if the app is closed as well?

It’s the Wyze app. If the app is closed (force quit before entering vehicle or turning on speaker), there is no problem. Wyze admits this is (and continues to be) a problem but have failed to fix it.

I know that we tried to fix Bluetooth issues in the most recent update. I’ll copy your feedback and send it back to them so that they know it didn’t resolve the issue. Thanks for including your software and firmware version! :slight_smile:

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I’m a brand new Wyzer. I just received 6 Pans yesterday. I tried to listen to audio just now while at work, where I keep a bluetooth audio headset on all day, and this same thing happened to me. I searched and this thread came up. I understand at this price point, we may not have the best or fastest tech support, but to take 6 months to fix a highly complained about bug seems ridiculous to me. Please tell me (and be telling the truth) this will be fixed soon, as it is a major inconvenience to have to remember to force close the android app every time I listen to audio. Until the app is killed, I cannot listen to any other app that streams the audio properly. Plus, it degrades the quality of the audio and of the app. Thank you, and other than this (so far), I’m excited to join the wyze community!

Thanks RLJACK for adding to this thread. There have now been TWO updates to Wyze app since my original post and it’s still not fixed. Every potential customer should be very concerned about whether it’s worth investing into Wyze products. If you can’t get the fundamentals right, then what’s the point of selling low cost cameras that don’t work. Bluetooth has been around since 1989. This is not rocket science.


IOS does not work at all for me in any aspect of my life (accept for this, apparently). Wyze has an Android app, so it should work properly like the other 100+ apps I use do. But thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve had only Android phones for the last 8 years and have had no other Android apps cause this problem. It’s not the OS, it’s the Wyze app.


Yes, this is the only app that has ever done this to me, and similar to bmurr, I’ve been using Android since 2008. And I’m a power user who pushes things to the limits of their capabilities. Furthermore, the sound works correctly when playing back Events. I only see the bug during live streaming. I don’t have SD cards in them, so I can’t speak on how it behaves when playing back from the card.

So, Wyze, whatever you did for the Events playback to work properly, try that.

I have experienced this now as well. Only on live feeds so far and to be fair its on a Google Pixel (original) and that thing has horrible bluetooth bugs like crazy. It has only happened once I believe.

I haven’t had any Bluetooth issues like you describe, however, reading this thread reminded me of a quirky thing that I have noticed, and which may be related. Hopefully it helps narrow down the issue.

I have 4 V2 cameras and 1 Pan. When I go to the live stream of the V2s and adjust the volume on my Android phone, it adjusts the Media volume, as you would expect. The strange thing is, with the Cam Pan, when I am looking at the live stream and adjust the volume it adjusts the Call volume, which is only ever adjustable while you are actively in a call.

It seems like Cam Pan is connecting to the speaker/mic as if it were a phone call, and maybe this is why your phone is trying to connect to your hands free calling BT devices.

Additional info, I’m using the latest beta app, and my camera is in the latest beta firmware. My phone is a Motorola Z3 Play running Android 8.1.

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I was trying to understand this BT issue & try to reproduce…admittedly, I don’t use BT that often, but it sounds like a issue my wife had with her iPhone when connected via BT to her car. When playing a cam alert or maybe livestream, the car radio would show a active phone call, I don’t recall if the cam audio was routed to the car. Does this sound similar to the issue ppl are having?

what would be the easiest way to reproduce the issue?

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Weird to read this because I wasn’t looking for this topic, and I didn’t make the connection till I read it- but I also am seeing this. Motorola X Pure

I set up my new cam today, first one I have bought, After setting it up, verifying it worked and playing with it for a bit, I got in my car and ran some errands . Each time my phone connected to to my car’s bluetooth system there appeared to be a call in progress, as shown on the LCD display of the car, and no call was shown in the phone’s call log.

To reproduce you have to use a car with bluetooth, or have a way to simulate/emulate a telephone headset.

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I have this issue as well. - Motorola Z