Bug found Wyze App / Subaru head units

There is a bug / glitch that when you are connected via Bluetooth to a Subaru, the phone (either ISO or Android) will call itself. I’ve figured out it has to do with the sound in the app being enabled on to Wyze cameras.
Can someone please look into this as I cannot be the only Wyze / Subaru owner.

can you submit a log and post the log number here.

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Here is an old thread which may be related to this:

This is a newer thread, but has a good explanation right off the bat on what they have experienced. Is this similar you your issue?

I think it’s because Wyze is using the phone/call sound instead of the music sound. I don’t know why they routed the sound to phone/calls rather than music but they did.

For example: when I’m in the Wyze app, and playing a video, I have to turn down the ringer/call volume rather than the music volume to quiet the sound.