When checking a Wyze camera group it activates my phone when the car is running

Often before returning home I’ll check my Wyze camera app with the car running. When I open the camera group folder I get a message on my car’s dash stating that I have made a call to myself. It also interrupts any music that is playing through my phone. When I exit the folder everything returns to normal. I drive a late model Cellica and have a Samsung phone. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Do you have Bluetooth turned on? That is the only thing I can think of that would make this strange behavior take place.

Yes, my phones Bluetooth automatically connects to my car when I turn on the ignition.
I have had this happen a few times in the past but didn’t pin point the problem until yesterday.
I even duplicated the procedure a few times and got the same results each time.
It doesn’t happen when I open the Wyze app, but when I open the folder showing my two cameras.
I’d be interested if anyone else would try to duplicate this in their vehicle to see if they got the same results (only when the car is parked with the engine running).

I believe your car integration is performing as it should. Any multimedia file will auto-open and attempt to play on the card audio…
Try opening a folder that contains some other videos and check the behavior.

Yes, I know what you’re referring to. If I leave a program open on my phone when I turn on the car it will show on my dash screen. However this is different. It says that I am in a call to myself and displays my name, phone number, and time elapsed on the dashboard screen. I tried it again today and went one step further. I tapped on one of my camera videos in the folder and it terminated my call and then showed the info about the song that had been playing, but without sound. When I exited the folder the sound returned. I also opened a few random apps on the phone to see what would happen but nothing changed.
EDIT: I just tried your suggestion to open videos from my phone while in the car. As you stated the videos would over-ride the music but they only showed the file name of the video on the dashboard screen, not create a phone call in progress message.

I asked about this a while back, because i was seeing strange “in-call” volume adjustment active when I would monitor my pan cam, and was told it was due to camera two-way communication for the pan cam. Might be related to why you see what this in your vehicle. I’ve never checked my cams when in my car but I’m going to give it a look see when I leave work.

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This was a known bug that was supposed to have been fixed in the 2.4.x version of the app. See this thread: Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support? and the other threads it links to.

If this isn’t fixed for you, please submit a support ticket.

Thank you for the links. Now I know it’s a known problem and not just my device.

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Was just referred to this thread after posting my own about the same issue. I’m on the latest Wyze app and Android on a Pixel 3.

I had the same issue and it was the weirdest thing.
As soon as I would open Wyze App, the phone calling option would start in my car and just show my phone number and says “calling…”
I have a Pixel 3 XL and I am on the Q Beta - I had this issue on Pie, and up until last week, I went through Q betas 1 through 4, and when I updated to 5, the issue was resolved.
I know it’s the weirdest thing to explain - you could try removing the paired car from phone, and vice versa, removing phone from car, reset your bluetooth options by clearing cache and data but that would delete all of your bluetooth paired devices. there is also a bluetooth reset in settings under system - reset options,
I would do the fist option first, if that fails, go to settings, apps, , all apps, enable system apps top right, find both Bluetooth options and delete the storage and cache for Blueooth and Bluetooth Midi Services.
Or wait for a fix/update.

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