Opening live cam while connected to car Bluetooth causes phone call?

First post! New user here (obviously); I got a great deal on 4x V2 cameras on Craigslist and have been playing around with them to see what the capabilities are and how to get the best performance out of them.

I have one very strange problem that maybe someone can help with. Here’s the sequence of events I am seeing:

  1. In car with phone connected to car via Bluetooth
  2. Open the Wyze app
  3. Launch a camera live view
  4. Here’s where it gets weird: the car acts as if I am making a phone call. The music from the car stereo goes mute, and the screen shows my phone number as if I am making (or receiving) a phone call!

This is totally repeatable for me. Have tried multiple cameras, having the phone on both wifi and mobile LTE data. I can click END on the car phone screen or close the Wyze app, and that will end the “call”.

My info:
Pixel 3 running current Android 9 (patches up to July 5)
Wyze app is up to date
Car is 2016 Kia Optima

Not sure if this is a Wyze bug or something weird particular to my car or what.

Other than this, have a few other questions that I’ll submit in different threads as needed!

Thanks all!

it’s probably because you have the sound ON to listen to the camera through the phone.
this audio is not music, so i comes through Bluetooth as phone call instead of streaming stereo audio.

Hello @bswiz,

There is another thread on this topic that already exists. You can join the conversation on Bluetooth/car radio here:

When checking a Wyze camera group it activates my phone when the car is running:

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Thanks - I will add to that thread. I did a quick search but missed that one.

@dville - I do not have sound enabled for the cameras.

You are welcome.

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