Opening the Wyze app in a vehicle triggers a call to my own phone number

Hello, found a strange bug while in my vehicle with Bluetooth connected to my phone, when opening the Wyze app triggers a phone call to my own number. Thought it was a specific vehicle issue, however it happens to any vehicle connected with Bluetooth.
Is there a way to fix this? Hate having to hang up everytime I’m checking in on the cams.


Android or iOS?

I’ve noticed that as well. I’m on Android.

Is it actually making a call as in ringing or just acting like its in a call for the sound through bluetooth on the car. I believe mine does the same thing in my Ford Fiesta with sync. Ill have to test for sure later. But Im pretty sure it shows my phone number with the timer etc when I am viewing the cameras. This happens with a couple of different things even if I am connected through bluetooth. So its probably not a glitch with Wyze… Test it out later for sure.


I have the same thing happen and I drive a Ford Edge, 2016. It started happening about one Wyze app upgrade ago. Before that it never happened. This was when the ability to build executable actions was released by Wyze.

Just noticed when turning on sound (speaker icon) in the app, it uses the “in call” volume other than using the “media” volume.

I have this happening with iOS. It connects to CarPlay as a Bluetooth device similar to when I make a call. I can disable this by disabling Bluetooth on my phone

This is a known issue. No fix in sight. Maybe someone can merge all these threads about the Bluetooth bug into one? If you search Bluetooth then you will find all these threads below.

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I’m getting this same issue as well. Even if the app is in the background, my car thinks it’s in a call.
Force stopping the app before getting in the car prevents this issue.
This is on a pixel 2 running the latest version of android and Wyze app.

Hello @Nlcdn, this is a known issue and Wyze is working to fix it.

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Has there been any update on this? Everytime I get in my car it initiates a call to myself. Pretty annoying.

When I am using my Bluetooth headphones I get the same problem. When I’m listening to music and I initiate Wyse camera my android phone thinks I’m making a phone call. The only way I get the music back is if I close the Wyze app. Lets fix this please!

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