App messing with BlueTooth

I’ve noticed lately when I get in my car and my phone connects to my radio, it instantly thinks I’m on a call to my self, and the volume button is controlling the in-call volume instead of the media volume like normal. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is to restart my phone. I have since been going thru and shutting down apps, 1 by 1 to see what was causing it. I’ve found that that wyze app is the culprit. Any time I open the wyze app, it takes control of the mic and and I have to force stop the app to get control back. I have disabled mic permissions for the app and that seems to fix it. I dont really need or use the mic on the app anyway since audio is so choppy on the other end, its useless. Any one else have this issue? I have a Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon btw.

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I am having that problem also. I am on iPhone 5SE also Verizon. I think your app would look different than mine, but I will still ask you this question. Where did you go on the app to disable the mic?

Thanking you in advance . . .


For the iPhone, what version of iOS and what version of the Wyze app are you running?

For the Galaxy, what version of Android and what version of the Wyze app?

Hey everyone! Thanks for bringing this up. This is a bug we are aware off, in the Beta app (version 1.4) this has been mostly resolved, only effecting Pan Cameras while the incoming sound is turned on and is still under investigation.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help out with!

iPhone 5SE. Version 11.4
Wyze app version 1.4.16


Late response. For my Galaxy, i am on 8.0.0. Wyze app version 1.4.31

Will there be a fix soon? Its super annoying as I connect to blutooth every day and have to go in and force stop the wyze app to connect, along with having to end my call every time I get in my car.

I just installed my Wyze cam (not the pan cam) 3 days ago and have been noticing this same issue ever since. Only killing the Wyze app will fix the Bluetooth issue I’m having in my car. There was a response in this thread from Wyze stating that the issue had been fixed but I am definitely still seeing this problem and it doesn’t seem to be specific to just the Pan cam.

Phone: Google Pixel 2
Wyze version: 2.0.26

… still a problem Oct 2019 !!! Is this company a high school project?? The suggestion to remove permission ("I have disabled mic permissions for the app and that seems to fix it. ") seems to work for now… I will probably return the camera.

We’re into a new decade and this is still an issue…

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Can we get a fix for this please!!! Everytime I get in my car and my phone connects to Bluetooth on the audio system it shows my phone calling itself and I can’t get to my radio or map without pressing the hang up button on my car audio screen. I am using Android with a Samsung S10+ Android version 10

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I’ve comes to terms with exiting the app every time I am done with it. I assume Wyze isnt going to fix it.

I found a fix although it affects use of the microphone to your Wyze cameras. If you deny permission to the microphone on the app it fixes this problem. You won’t be able to talk to people through your camera though. If you never use that feature, then disable the microphone permission and you won’t have the issue with bluetooth in your car.