Muted camera feed shouldn't suppress music or other audio source

When listening to music on my phone via bluetooth, if I open the app to view my Pan Cam, even if I mute the camera audio, the music is still suppressed like I’m on a phone call. This continues until I stop viewing the camera feed. Unmuting and muting the camera feed again doesn’t help.

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This is s known issue - do a search on Bluetooth+ music and there are numerous related threads. I haven’t seen a fix but I might well have missed it- it’s not really an issue for me, so, out-of-sight etc. I’ll tag the other @Mavens and see if anyone else has.

Sounds related to when phones that are paired with a vehicle, and you pull up a camera in app, the car audio acts like it’s on a phone call. All Bluetooth connected speakers act the same I am sure.


I found similar issues in the Ask the Community section. One claimed it had been fixed: Mute WYZE app completely. Is it possible? - #8 by timstik

In my case, this was in a car. Perhaps the bug now only occurs if the Bluetooth device has special provisions for phone calls and isn’t purely a music speaker.

Either way, I don’t want to ask the community as they can’t help fix a bug. I didn’t find this topic in Wish List, and that’s where I want to post it.

Yeah I have to “hang up” my Bluetooth earbuds after using the Wyze app or I can’t play any podcasts, etc. It’s disconcerting but you get used to it. Still seems insane though.

@Mavens any idea why my request was moved to Ask the Community when I purposely posted it in Wish List?

My guess is that this thread is about a software bug. The wishlist section is for requests for “features and products”, rather than request a bugfix. If you wish to report a bug, a support ticket and app log sent to Support which in turn can be forwarded to the engineers and devs is the way to go. It was proboly moved here to gather community help and possible easy fixes. But I have come across this before, but has only been an issue a small number of times in my car.


Exactly. Mine still do.

I placed it in ask the community because as @Omgitstony said it is a bug and not a wishlist item. It is something that needs fixed, I am not completely sure it is a WYZE issue though. If you go to forums about Bluetooth you will see this same complaint about a lot of products. I think the actual issue is in Bluetooth itself. I do know I have multiple programs that have the same issue.

Interesting. I did have big problems with Alexa BT and other items competing in my car. Wound up installing the Alexa auto using the Aux cable.