Mute app help please

Why now do I hear a beep on my playing bluetooth speaker while listening to music when I open a camera in the app? I would love to be able to mute completely this WYZE app. Is there a way to do this? Even playing event videos play sound when I would prefer them remain muted. There is no reason sound should come from one app in particular. I looked in the app settings on my phone and see no speaker or sound permissions listed. I have a Samsung S8. Thank you.

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I know that on iPhone, the Wyze app does not override other sound playing over bluetooth unless you turn on the sound within the app. I’m not an Android user, so I have no knowledge of that. Hopefully some Android folks will chime in.


Any Android users see this or have any insight?

Since this thread is going nowhere fast, I submitted a support ticket directly with Wyze. Now I’ll get to see how “that” process works.

Yep, nowhere fast.