App keeps playing video with sound even if phone is fully muted

I was looking back at some playback recordings from the SD card in my Wyze Cam Pan on my Pixel XL with Android 10.
The camera is on firmware version and the app is on 2.22.12.

The phone has all sound settings on MUTE, but when I go watch a video playback and I activate playback sound, it plays the audio at full blast.

I am concerned: how and why can Wyze bypass the system’s audio configuration?

Here’s a video of the issue: Wyze app bypass Android system audio mute. - YouTube

I don’t know but I’m impressed with how fast your timeline scrolling responds. :wink:

I’m not entirely certain, but I have noticed an oddity during playback of video, and it could be related to how the live speaker feature is implemented. I do not believe the Wyze developers used the standard media player, as I’ve seen how the audio is somehow linked to the telephone. I use an android and I have separate audio controls for notifications, ringtones, music/video and telephone. You might investigate this possibility on your own device. ~doug

I have muted (or at least put at minimum) all volume controls on my Android, and the audio still comes out.

The support team has confirmed it is a bug and hope they would solve it.

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Try to format your SD card. I works pretty well here.

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Nice to know they have it in their queue.


Does this happen only with Bluetooth headset/buds? Because it definitely does weird things with that. I have to “end” a nonexistent call every time I leave the Wyze app.

It does not happen with bluetooth connected.

But I have the same issue as you: when my bluetooth headset is connected and I decide to watch a recording from Wyze, I have this annoying “phantom call” going on, and the only way to get rid of it is by force stopping the app.

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