APP NO VOLUME When Live viewing then disables my My phone volume where I need to restart everytime. Sent multple logs to tech support -tickets no response

I am using Samsung Galaxy 8. My phone is up to date and works great. No issues. It is fast and smooth until i open the Wyze, Approximately 3 maybe 4 wyze app updates ago, I lost sound on live all viewing no matter what wyze cam, 2, 3, pan. No sound what so ever. As if that is bad enough, I loose the sound on my phone too, causing me to restart everytime!!! I have no idea what is going on! I relied on cams for security. And on the sound to ensure no one is breaking in where the cam is not pointing directly at. The wyze app is disabling my phone sound.

I have sent out multple requests through the app support sending logs x5 etc. Being very specific to my problem I have received no tech support what so ever. On any of the 5 maybe more submitted.

I have been troubleshooting on my own without any resolution. It is the wyze app itself! Everytime an update comes out I pray it will fix it. Here 3-4 updates later same issue.

So far
I have cleared the data. Uninstalled the Wyze app, cleared phone cache, restarted phone, and then reinstalled the Wyze app. Same issue NO SOUND. I have verified my sound works and properly ON my android phone BY MULTIPLE TESTS. It works perfectly on everything includung multiple apps, music, you tube blah blah blah, phone, ringer, google live video, facebook live video tested everything, music apps, checked settings thoroughly, it works fine, but the minute I pull up Wyze app and turn sound on for live viewing I not only cannot hear what is going on any cam, 2, 3, pan because it disables itself but my sound will no longer work on my phone. It disables my phone audio, all of it and i cannot turn it back on without restarting my phone. It does not work with bluetooth head phones either. Tried 3 different sets

Tried on 2 other Android devices on being a tablet. SAME ISSUE DISABLES THE VOLUME.

PLEASE please assist.

Keep in mind that simply submitting a log file DOES NOT normally result in response to you (other than an automated response that gives the log number). Never intended to.

With that said, I seldom use sound on any of my Wyze cameras, but have never noticed what you are reporting. Just did a test and sound worked fine, but I did notice that at least within a group, it will only let you receive sound on one camera at a time. If you turn on sound on a second camera,the sound will be turned off on the first camera.

@preciousk2011 - I experienced the exact same problem a few weeks ago on Samsung phones running Android 10. I made no changes to phone settings and the problem just disappeared after a day or two. The only thing that I can think of that I changed after encountering that issue was installing a new app version that was released. What Wyze app version are you running?

The newest update feb 14th 2024-see screen shot. I still have no sound on live view. I like to keep an eye on my littke dog as i always have a roommate and in the past, i had one that i caught kicking him. I immediately gave him his notice to move and would report him fir animal abuse. So now it is more important than ever that I can drop in and listen to ensure he is safe. He is a sweet dog so this is very upsetting. i do not have sound on any devices i have installed the app on, not my android tablet, my extra non samsung phone or my samsung 8 phone i mainly use. Very odd. So it is not just my phone but every android device. I am so upset. I cannot get response from wyze. I keep updating the wyze app in hopes it fixes itself but 5 updates later nothing. I have the latest update for my phone as well. This all happened with 5, 6 or 7 updates ago. If i cannot listen in then this system is usekess and needs to go in the garbage. I am looking into alternatives as wyze just does not respond. I am glad yours worked itself out :slight_smile: I wish mine did. It has been like this for 3 or 4 months now. I also tried ckesrung the data then deleting the app, restarting and reinstalling app on all devices. Same issue. I have trouble shooted in everyway possible myself w/out any luck.

I use sound as I have roommate on going and I have caught one kicking my dog. My dog is very tiny and very sweet. He is to small to endure a kick as it could kill him. It is Unacceptable so no sound is useless to me. I understand you only get sound from one camera at a time. It has been that way from the beginning. I have no sound on any camera when live viewing. I have wyze 2, 3’s, pan cam and pan cam 2. Pan cam 2 ne er worked properly, it was defective. I have no sound on any of my devices that the wyze app is installed on. Not on my Android tablet, secondary android phone nor my main Samsung 8 that I use on the daily. No sound on any device. All firmware- wyze apps, cams and all devices are up to date and no sound problems on sny of my devices except when using wyze app. After attempting to use the sound i have to restart my phone!

If one submits a log and a detailed paragraph explanation of the problem then it should not matter if they need the log or not. It provides a ticket but the ticket is never looked into. No response what so ever. So i have many useless cameras. I need to hear if my dog is being abused. if someone has children they would need to know the same.

Do you contact support after submitting the app log? After you submit a log, the app and the subsequent email you get instruct you to contact support to let them know the log number so it can be looked into further. A log number is not a support ticket number, they are separate things.

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I’m a mobile app developer, and indeed, apps can directly affect device sound (such as set device volume to zero). On top of that, any issue on the Android OS side of that, can do whatever as well (most likely cause problems).

But, I have a Samsung device with Android 14 and the Wyze app is perfectly fine. Also just briefly tested a Samsung with Android 8 where I have it installed and it too was fine.

Because I’m not seeing any issue, there’s not enough to go on here. I can’t do anything further.

(Its possible that its related to the devices you have added into the Wyze app or other differences that I and others here do not have. Even other apps installed could potentially cause a conflict but it sounds like you’d have to use whatever that thing is on all devices you have.)

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I found my volume issue a few weeks ago. A radio scanner app that I was using auto-updated and it had a bug that hogged the audio channel. I deleted that app and have not had issues since.

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