Android app - sound issue with bluetooth earphones

Must have been an update issue since this just started happening. I can no longer listen to the sound when i view a camera via my bluetooth earphones. The sound only plays on my speaker of my phone. All permissions were allowed, also reinstalled the app. Sound works fine with everything else using my earphones on my phone.

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What app and OS versions are you running?

I just tested this on App, Android 13 Moto G and both Live Stream and Event Player audio from the app plays thru my BT Headset.

I have a s21 ultra, app is up to date. This just started happening, maybe from the last app update. Right when i click on the sound to listen from the cam, it switches to the phone speaker audio. When i turn it off and i adjust the volume it switches to the earbuds.

I’m going to update my app tonight to the recent release and will retest.

Updated to Android on a Moto G Stylus 5G 2023 running Android 13… All audio plays thru BT Headset from Live Stream, Event Player, and SD Playback. :man_shrugging:

Have you done a phone restart?

Dang, thanks for trying. Yes rsstarted and reinstalled the app too

Just tried this on my phone and the audio correctly switches to the bluetooth headphones.

Motorola edge+ 5G UW (2022)
Android version 13
App version 2.47.0 (3)
Headphones: Bose QC35

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One option, to rule out an App update specific issue vs a phone manufacturer’s update specific to their OS build, would be to delete the app and revert to a prior version install via APK.