Android app - sound issue with bluetooth earphones

I am so tired of this issue! The sound should play from whatever setting you currently have your phone set to. If I have my bluetooth earbuds or speaker attached to my phone, then that is where the sound should play! It is ridiculous to switch from phone speaker to bluetooth & vice versa when touching the volume icon while viewing a camera!! Even when I’m not on Bluetooth, the sound only plays during playback!! It doesn’t play the sound when viewing! I am so ticked off at this!!

I have given up! Wyze does not listen to the complaints. I have seven V3 cameras. Two that are doorbell type. No audio on bluetooth for any of them!
As I said…I* will not be buying Wyze anymore. The “TP Link Tapo C120 camera” that I bought is far superior to Wyze in every way. Cost a wee bit more, but you get what you pay for.

Same issue here with a Samsung 20FE. Surprised that nobody from Wyze confirm that is unknowledged or react somehow.

Samsung s23 ultra here tmobile latest firmware and wyze app, sound only avail. through phone speaker when tryin to listen via Bluetooth. Noticed this started to happen in late dec/early jan. Only posting because i expected a patch by now to fix this.

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Still same issue here Galaxy S23 Ultra as well seems to fully discontinue connection to bluetooth device. Example watching youtube content with a bluetooth speaker connected. All audio stops playing to bluetooth speaker. Then reconnects one I leave video feed

Noticed that in the audio it changes feom bluetooth device out to phone call protocol

Well it’s been 6 months here and I can confirm this is still a problem. Audio from EVENTS recordings plays fine thru Bluetooth, but when switching to PLAYBACK to view entire occurrence, sound goes dead.

Of course this is particularly annoying since the wyze recordings are so sh*tty to begin with, playing through phone speaker is often pointless. Earbuds REALLY not just help, but are essential.

Been SIX months, Wyze. How 'bout at least RECOGNIZING that you’ve got a problem here.

(Moto 5G Stylus, everything up to date, and YES “Record Sound” toggled on in settings)

JFC! This is SO frustrating because the Wyze engineers actually had to DO something on purpose to get this happen. Should work by default, just like EVERYTHING ELSE does.

Wyze WhereTF are you!? JFC!

Same here. I have 4 v3 cams, samsing s23 ultra. Does not get any sound via bluetooth.

I can here sound in livefeed and playback when i disconnet bluetooth. But, it seems that it does not play sound throgh head phones.

I just tested this as working after doing some stuff. Initially, yes it goes the way you state. But, with the app open and headphones on, toggle on the cam stream sound or play a cam video with sound and have it come on the device speakers. Switch to another app and play something with sound on the headphones. Then switch back and it should be on the headphones in the Wyze app.

I expect this is not actually a Wyze app problem. It shouldn’t differentiate between audio devices but use an Android “thing” (best I can dumb it down to) that I suspect is with the problem. Its possible that perhaps they use a version of that “thing” that needs to be updated or downgraded and is therefore half an app problem.