Mute WYZE app completely. Is it possible?

Is it possible to mute this app 100% during playback? While listening to music on a bluetooth speaker and checking playback video on wyze, I hear the video. I would like this to stop. Samsung 8 android. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Yes you can mute during playback by clicking on the sound button. It will appear with an x if you don’t want sound. It will be green when sound is on.

You mean the sound icon in the lower left part of the screen?

Because that does not mute the video.

It mutes the audio on my iOS implementation on my Blue Sync OR3 Bluetooth speaker.

Maybe the Android app has a bug Wyze needs to look at?

Yeah that’s the icon I was referring to. It mutes the audio from the video on my app.

Works on my Android, What OS and version.

This appears to have been fixed in one of the latest updates. Now, while listening to bluetooth music streaming on a bluetooth speaker, the video plays muted and the music continues playing. Thank you WYZE.