Event playback over rides audio while listening to music

Again, the issue of playing back a clip turns off the music playing with the clip audio of the wyze clip. Did not do this for months. Now this problem is back. No settings were touched. I’m all ears to how to mute the app 100%. Thanks.

What version of the app are you using?
Please submit a log and post the number here.

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Not surprised

[Mod Edit] if you would simply mute the video playback or go into your media settings and separate the media playback between apps [Mod Edit] Cuz you know, android does update the way apps integrate with the Android system itself actually giving you more control over how everything operates and runs more smoothly. Now if you have a cheap cereal box phone then you’re on your own and I wouldn’t expect much from someone or a phone of that caliber… [Mod Edit] good luck!!:grin::+1:

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Welcome Jonathon. @ timstik’s problem is valid, known and reproducible. Android works as designed. The problem is that the Wyze app is not using Android’s media volume, it is using Android’s in-call volume.

If you test your own scenario, you’ll find that muting any and/or all Wyze app audio settings does not resolve the issue. Play an mp3 or stream an audio source, then view a muted Event, your mp3/audio stream will immediately stop. If you’re playing music on your phone and you choose to view a Wyze Event (which is incorrectly played back as a call to Android), the system really should interrupt your music… otherwise how are you going to hear your “call”?

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I just tested this under iOS 14.4 and also tested some Android and iPadOS tablets with no telephony hardware. All resulted in the same… playing a muted Event pauses or stops the music stream. I’m not sure if this was intentional by Wyze due to limitations, but I don’t see a workaround. This should be noted as a new issue as unmuting the Event payback under Android and adjusting the volume appears to have been correctly moved from In-call to Media which is what the previous bug report specified.