iOS App 1.3.116 stops music playback, even with no audio from camera stream

Hey Wyzers!

The previous iOS app would allow you to view your streams without interrupting music playback from other apps (Music, Pandora, Podcasts, etc). Until you turned on the audio of the camera, the other app’s music would continue to play.

However, the 1.3.116 release stops any other audio playback on launch, even before viewing a camera stream. Any chance we can get the old behavior back?

The dev team is aware of this and planning a fix in a future release of the app.

This is still a current issue. Note: the stopping of music playback occurs ONLY when the app is first started. To reproduce: 1. Force close the Wyze app. 2. Start music playback. 3. Return to the springboard. 4. Start the Wyze app (music will terminate playback).