Event playback kills background music

Aheeii … can’t take it anymore and had to post. The app, on the iOS side at least, still kills my background audio/music the instant I play an Event, even if the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen is muted. Assume I’m listening to say, SiriusXM and a motion alert comes in. I play the event and the music I’m listening to immediately stops. I then must restart the music every time this happens. Pleeeease fix! Started happening several versions ago. I posted about it here a few weeks ago. Thanks. @WyzeGwendolyn

Been that way since day 1 as far as I know on both Android and iOS. Same thing when watching a camera live. Agreed - annoying.

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Can’t imagine that killing any background music is the intended behavior. If it were, then what would be purpose of showing a speaker icon at the bottom of the Event screen with a slash through it (to indicate Event sound currently muted)? In my case (iOS), I’m pretty confident that it didn’t used to behave this way.

I have this happen with a lot of apps, though not all of them.

I think that by default the OS signals priority of only 1 thing to have access to the audio drivers/speakers at a time. and thus interrupts whatever else is using it at the time to allow the one currently in focus to have primary control of the audio drivers.

I know it doesn’t have to work this way though. For example, I saw in some apps that I can select a setting that when it has a message/notification it lets me choose whether it will pause other audio while it plays its message, or whether it will just temporarily play louder over the top of other background audio (which is temporarily dropped in volume).
A third option is to give us a setting option where we can tell the Wyze App to mute everything by default (all events, all playback, etc) and not interrupt our audio unless we specifically click on unmute.

I don’t know how hard it is to program those changes, and I’m sure it is a very low priority issue for Wyze, but those are the 3 solutions I’ve seen other apps implement.
(I’m usually listening to audiobooks rather than music and definitely don’t prefer apps to play over my audio, but either pause it temporarily, or stay muted until I say otherwise).

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In my opinion, I’d want to have the music stop when I’m viewing the livestream or reviewing footage. This happens with the apps for other camera brands.

Perhaps, but … play an event and look at the bottom of the screen. Theres a “muted speaker” icon (diagonal slash thru it) in my example above, which would lead me to believe that the Wyze event audio is currently muted. Otherwise what’s the point of even having the speaker icon down there? :confused:

This is so the sound joy plays if you want it to. I agree, it may not be the best way to set it up, but I’m fine with it

It’s an option in most of the podcast apps I’ve used.

But I guess I don’t see the big issue in having to restart? IOS is historically a worse multitasker than Android but of course a lot has changed.

The bigger, similar, but still minor annoyance for me is Bluetooth earbuds thinking they have to end a call in progress every time I access the Wyze app. Reportedly this is a BT specific issue across platforms and apps.

Interesting! I’ll have to try this. My problem is I have my Android settings allow me to hang up with the power button, so when I’m wearing ear buds and try to turn the screen on with the power button out of habit I hang up… Keep forgetting to use the home key while in a call. Never had anything else kick me out, but I’m going to try this now.

To be clear I don’t mean a real call in progress. They think they’re in a call after the Wyze app has used audio, and I have to “hang up” the nonexistent call to regain use of the buds for other things (calls, podcasts).

For the wake screen thing I find the fingerprint sensor works well instead of the power button. Took me a long time to feel safe entering my prints into a phone.

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The thing is … I’m nearly 100% sure that playing an Event clip, with the speaker icon muted at the bottom of the screen, didn’t used to behave this way (kill background music, podcast, etc.). Starting with what version of the app did it change, and why, are questions I have for the Wyze developers.

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