Wyze app on iOS stops audio when it opens

All of a sudden, whenever I open the Wyze app on my iPhone it stops the audio I am listening to. It’s been happening for a few weeks, so I’m not sure if it started with an app update, or the fact that I recently added a Wyze Robot Vacuum to the app. (No idea why that device would impact audio, but that’s the only change I made for a while.)

Any ideas for how to keep audio playing??

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I don’t have a solution, unfortunately. It seems that for me, this has been the default behavior for many months, probably longer. I’m nearly certain that it didn’t behave this way initially, i.e. it was introduced with an app update somewhere along the way. For those of you who might not know exactly what the OP is referring to … assume you’re listening to the audio-only feed of a baseball game via the MLB.tv app, or a Podcast or a song on Pandora, THEN head over and launch the Wyze app. The audio you were listening to is killed, even if the speaker ICON in the Wyze app has a slash thru it. In many cases when you EXIT the Wyze app, your original audio automatically starts playing again (k.e. MLB game, Podcast, Pandora, etc. I think this is the sequence. What I assume the OP wants is that the audio you’re listening to keeps plsying when you launch the Wyze app.