How to fix missing Events audio in July 12th app update

Apparently, the new July 12th “urgent app update” mutes your Events audio by default. On either V2 or V3 cameras, go to an Event and play it back. At the bottom of the screen (with your phone held vertically in portrait position with a smaller playback than in landscape) you’ll see four icons below the video. The left-most is a speaker. Apparently, by default, there’s a diagonal line through it, muting it. Tap that icon to restore audio to normal. I wonder how many unnecessary phone calls Wyze is getting and how many unnecessary ulcers users are getting.

I wonder if they tested that app update?

Losing sound is something a regression test should uncover very easily, no?

“But it was a one-line fix”

Or maybe someone slipstreamed a fix post-testing?