New app, new trouble

On July 12th, I got the urgent message to update my app. I did it immediately - but since then, the playback of Events has no audio (even though my SD cards pick it up fine). I figured that after two days, Wyze would become aware of it and fix it, but I guess I’m the one who should notify them for the group. Do I have to phone or post this somewhere where they’ll see it?

You can submit an issue here or try chat, the little green box bottom right on the attached page.

or call 206-339-9646

Wow, I hadn’t looked at mine since the update and I am getting the same thing. No sound in event playback. I have my cams set to record continuously, in that playback there is sound…

Why am I not surprised? :roll_eyes: Just one more example of the totally inadequate S/W and F/W QA done by Wyze. Also why I’m running S/W and F/W that’s at least 4 or 5 released ‘out-of-date’ regardless of the dire warnings from Wyze that my world will come to an end if I don’t update.

Thanks, Antonius - BUT - Upon doing what you suggested, I recognized by past experience, that this just generates automated (and inane) responses that ask for further information and then keep sending you back to their same question. Almost like pressing the “Walk” button at an intersection to pacify you that the automobile traffic light will change any faster, when it won’t, really. Thanks, Wyze.

Use the phone, it works. 1-844-999-3226 or 1-206 339-9646 M-F 4 AM to 8PM. Sat 8AM -4PM

OK, Color me stupid. I called the phone number you provided and spoke with MaryAnne. She patiently walked me through checking all seven cameras to make sure the software was up-to-date, and that my app was the current app, She then asked if I had checked the volume on my cell phone, and I said that this was the first thing I did when I wouldn’t hear any sound with the Events. As we progressed further with her questions, and I pulled up an Event from a V3 that is located where there’s always background noise, I noticed at the bottom of the screen, four icons, the left-most of which was A SPEAKER WITH A DIAGONAL LINE THROUGH IT. Yikes! I tapped it, and the sound from the Event came on, gang-busters! I must have apologized four times (and she was gracious in saying, “No need”). The microscopic face-saving I could muster was in saying (and knowing) that I NEVER MUTE the Event playback - and speculated that the new app resets it to mute by default. If true, not a smart move. Just wanted to own up on a problem that I could have fixed myself (if I wanted to spend more hours exploring a solution. Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

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Glad you got it resolved. Don’t worry you are not the only person that has submitted problems on the forum and has called support for help to find out it was a minor issue or operator error. Not me of course Jk
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