Wyze app 2.43 - Released 7/6/2023

We’re releasing Wyze app 2.43 today! This has multiple options for push notification sounds, the ability to share product info with friends and family in Shop, an updated Snooze Notification option, and bug fixes! :alarm_clock:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Dark mode?


Not yet. Getting closer though.


Friendly faces is still blank on Android. It was showing up on iOS for the beta testers but not on Android. I was hoping they’d fix that before the production version went out :sob:


Loaded the Android app last night and the iOS this morning. On iOS, I had to remove the existing Beta App before the Prod app would be installed.

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Can you elaborate on:

Updated the Snooze Notification option

I can’t tell what changed? I still don’t see any way to snooze notifications for a single camera.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jterrace! :raising_hand_man:

It appears that the addition of “Until Tomorrow Morning” is the new option.

This is still an app level global snooze only for all notifications from the app. Snoozing notifications on specific devices is not yet a feature.


The new iOS app 2.43 DID NOT FIX “No Alert Issues” on v2 and doorbell.
Still no alerts even though all alert settings are on both app and on device.

Now I see Spanish location, thanks for that

When viewing a cloud event video and pressing the Playback button to jump the SD Card video, the Playback always jumps to near the most recent part of the timeline. Not to the time of the cloud event video. On iPad IOS 16.5.1. Restarted iPad and cleared the App Cache with no resolution. App 2.43 Playback works as it should on Android.
Log ID 1104410

Anyone else experiencing this on IOS?


As of 7-8-23 , app 2.43 is not available in Google Play store

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I found it and installed it in Google Play on the same day it was announced. That is weird it isn’t showing up for you yet. Did it possibly automatically update for you already? I wonder how many other people aren’t seeing it yet.


New issue since I updated the iOS app. If I select events for 7 July, 8 July stays highlighted. The events for 7 July will play but if I tap the playback button for the event the cam will go to playback to the current time for 8 July :astonished: App Log #1104998 submitted.


I notice that if I select a sound event, I don’t have the option to activate sound and hear the event, I have to download the video to hear the sound

I was on the Beta. It never showed in my update list either. I had to go to my installed apps in GP and open Wyze to see there was an “update” button to get the production app.

This is what happens. Open cloud event from yesterday 7 July 23,at 20:34 tap play, video starts to play, tap the playback SD icon on the app, App shows playback for current time on 8 July 23. :astonished: :astonished: :rofl:

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I just tried going back to a cloud event video 14 days ago. Playback still jumps to near the end of the timeline of the current day.

I usually wait a week or so before I update to anything new but I was feeling brave the other day. Lesson learned (again). :grin:
I have Auto updates turned off on my devices but I do get notified when new app versions are available for all apps on my iOS devices.


Yes, noticed that same issue today.
iOS 16.5 (20F66)

I am experiencing that too (Android) when going directly to the SD Playback from Live Stream, but only on my PanV3 and V3Pro. V3, OG, and FLP all land at the SD Playback from a few moments ago.

When jumping from an Event Video, they all land at the time the event was recorded except for the FLP. That shows that it is at the right date and time on the timeline, but the video is Live Stream.