Wyze app 2.42.5 Released - 6/7/2023

Wyze app 2.42.5 is releasing today! This improves the Sound AI experience, improves in-app purchase flow, and fix an iOS Event tab bug that hid the most recent date. :spiral_calendar_pad:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


That’s it. Wth :man_facepalming:

I’ll test it out when it arrives in the iOS app store and see if the correct date issue has been fixed as described.

Loaded on iOS and Android. So far things seem to be working well.

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Quite odd. App wasn’t showing an available update in the updates listing of the Play Store. Had to open the Wyze App Page of Google Play to get an update option.

Updated and running. Will monitor.

@WyzeJasonJ and @WyzeDesmond - as of 11pm MDT on Wednesday (6/7) version 2.42.5 still doesn’t appear in the App Store for my iPad, which is currently at 2.42.0 (23)

Edit: note that the reason I wasn’t seeing 2.42.5 in the App Store was apparently because I had 2.42.0 (23) installed as a Beta user. Anyway, I deleted the Wyze app and then installed 2.42.5

Updated iPad and phone last night without any issues. Current day events are showing this morning. :smile:


since update my ipad, when I check events, wont show the current date. I see Tues/6 but today is Thurs/8.

I restarted ipad jic…nada. My iphone is fine, this just started today on the ipad.


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Did you check the app version on the iPad? I updated my iPad to 2.42.5 the other night and it works just fine. Maybe go to account > app setting and clearing the cache will help ?

emptied cache yesterday and yes to app version. These events happened today Fri/9 but notice date above…

Mine works and I have no idea why yours does not. I’m using a 4th generation iPad Pro 12.9 with iOS 16.5.
Maybe because I have Cam Plus???

Looks like you have Zoom enabled in iPadOS. Can you swipe the day/date bar to the left?

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no it wont let me swipe any further…if I push and hold I see fri/9 but when I let go it goes back to showing weds/7

never had the problem before…

** no zoom

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Maybe you should delete the app from the iPad and down load version 2.42.5 again to see if that will fix it. I can’t hurt to try it and only takes a few minutes.??

Fwiw … iPadOS app version 2.42.5 (2) here on my iPad Pro 5th gen. I’m having the same problem as @MoOse reported above. For instance, today is Friday and I can’t swipe the Day slider to reveal and select Thursday or Friday (always bounces back). Ref. the screen recording below. Note that I use my iPad locked in Landscape orientation, even though the Events screen still lists the events horizontally.


After testing 2.42.5 (2) for a day, everything is working as it should include in the day slider. I am on IOS 16.5 and locked in portrait mode.

Mine is still working showing the correct date.

The problem here is that my iPad is locked and in Landscape orientation. Ref. my screen recording from above. If I unlock, rotate to Portrait, launch the app, select Events … then I CAN see all 7 days of the week. Days are truncated when locked in Landscape. @MoOse @Antonius @SlabSlayer @Seapup


Can’t help with iOS. I am Team Android all day and twice on Sunday. Many of the other @Mavens use iOS though.