Wyze app 2.42 iOS Release - 5/26/2023

This is a minor app release for iOS, but we’re excited to say that Wyze iOS app allows landscape mode for iPad in the Home tab! We know some of you iOS folks have been waiting eagerly for it. :cityscape:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


I think this may be one. :slight_smile:


@milehiguy :wave:


Indeed @peepeep … my profile picture may be on a dartboard in Seattle, but I think we may just be getting there!


I updated my iOS app today and it shows as 2.42.1 (1) . I updated yesterday also and I had to restart both my phone and iPad because it was not showing today 27 May on top the the events page this morning. The restart of devices seemed to fix it.

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Again today Sunday 5-28-23 I went to the events page and it shows last event for 5-27-23, today 5-28- 23 is not showing on either my iPad or iPhone with app 2.42.1 (1), I had to restart both devices again to get the events for 5-28. Can we get this app fixed???

So what is up with the iOS app??.
I updated it on 5-26-23 then again yesterday 5-27-23 and it shows but the app on my phone shows 2.42.1 (1)

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I had had to restart my iOS devices again to get the events page to show 5-29-23. Annoying. :angry:

I am seeing the same. I reported it in the event this is an issue.

I would submit an app log but I already restarted my iOS devices this morning because events for today 5-30-23 did not show up again until I restarted.

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No Problem. Waiting for a response. I believe is the latest prod version.

I have been receiving notifications since the update, but I did do a fresh install and not an update. Wonder if that could be the difference.

Sorry for my delay in getting back here. This is known that the version number is off compared to what the store says. This will be fixed with the next release. The correct versions are 2.42.1(1) when looking in the app and when looking at the app store.


@Antonius Any chance we have an applog for this issue? Thanks!

I have not sent an app log yet. Should I send it before or after I start my IOS devices or does it not matter?
I already restarted my devices this morning so they would update to today’s events.

Please send me an applog next time once you saw this issue happen again. Before restarting your phone. Thanks!

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Will do tomorrow morning .

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@WyzeDesmond Log submitted for iOS app 2.42.1 (1) not showing current day events until iOS device is restarted : Log #1062473
Force closing the app and opening the app again will also enable the current day events to be shown.


It looks like the issue has been located and we are aiming to have the fix in the 2.43 release.


Thanks for the update.


When. All it’s been down hill, and all you ask it for logs, screenshots and be patience. We all running out of that be a tester of try the beta. Come on man. We need BBB TO look at this company for people keeping spending money on this company and not fixing just selling and. Let not start wit the floodlight and also the sd card issues that we have been providing 1000000000000000 of logs

After going into App Store, mine still shows 2.42.0 (23)???

IPad 5th Generation
iOS 16.4.1

Do I need to upgrade to iOS 16.5 ?

Anticipated delivery date?