iOS App Version 2.13.22 Released - 9/16/20

Good evening forum folks,

iOS app version 2.13.22 is releasing now! We found an issue that could cause Wyze Cams to show a solid, yellow light after upgrading the firmware and fixed it with this app release. Sorry about that! If your Wyze Cam is showing this symptom, please reach out to our customer support team through Wyze Customer Support.

Read our Release Notes here:


The error code 20015 is still there. I will continue with the beta that @WyzeBin gave me 2 days ago that works very well. I don’t know why the fix is not included in this released.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Are beta versions of app advancing as well?

I notice my IOS Testflight version is at 2.13.16 (1).


The beta (v2.13.1) I have was for testing this error. I don’t think it is an « official beta ». It is named « WyzeBeta » so I can use 2 Wyzes applications at a time. I no longer have to wonder with each update if a new problem will be created.

Same here with 2.13.22…

Same here, so I’m wondering the same thing. Fwiw … WyzeBeta 2.13.16 (1) has been working perfectly for me ever since I first installed it … except for still no app-wide Landscape mode for my iPad, but I won’t bring that up again. /s


I just tried the new beta that came out today in TestFlight v2.13.32 and error code 20015 is still there.

What is the firmware for? Why are people converting their cams to computer cams? Idk man for $20 just buy two. Lol I question that watch with the reviews, especially ever working with my Apple products. I wish y’all had the window shatter alarms. I’d never pay $10 for your light bulb, we use the Alexa plugs and that’s way cheaper than buying all new bulbs at $17 for two I think I saw? The thermometer isn’t getting good reviews either and is $40! How is the watch only $25?

I heard from @WyzeBin about error 20015. The fix will be included in version 2.14. :slightly_smiling_face:


The thermometer isn’t even a wyze product , It’s just a special offering because of covid 19

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