iOS App Version 2.23.23 Released - 8/12/21

Good morning, Forum Friends!

We’re sending out an iOS app update today! 2.23.23 fixes bugs such as Wyze Scale not showing the full metric description, a pairing issue for Wyze Buds Pro, and a bug preventing annual subscription purchases in the app. :lady_beetle:

Read our Release Notes:


No mention of it, so I gather that this does not fix the iOS viewing any V3 camera causes the app to crash problem that was reported and confirmed MANY times a few days ago in v2.23.16.
And TestFlight is not showing this one either…

It seems like the normal app store 2.23.21 should have fixed the v3 issue according to this thread. It was a beta app issue.

Except that if you are a beta tester, you only get what was released via TestFlight, and that is still showing version 2.23.16 (2). The production releases don’t get released to beta testers via TestFlight.

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Are you unable to download the production app from the app store alongside the beta app or are you only able to install the beta or the production app.

I know on Android, you can’t have both beta and production apps installed, but it will show the production app if it has a later release number than the beta app.

I neeeed the newest beta app but can only go up as far as 2.23.16 (2)

You should leave the beta program then you can install the production app you can get back into the beta program anytime later

For iPhone, 2.23.16 is the latest beta. It was my understanding that as a beta tester, we could not install the production version. However I learned an hour or so ago, that appears to be incorrect. I was able to install production version 2.23.23 from the app store on my @#$&+ iPhone 8. I don’t know if that will mess up my beta participation when the next beta comes out…
And no, you don’t get both production and beta at the same time on the same phone.

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