V2.0.6 beta app and beta firmware updated

Hi all,

We just updated our V2.0.6 Wyze beta app from TestFlight and Play Store. At the same time, we are updating beta firmware to address a few issues. Here are the details.

Wyze V2.0.6 includes:

  • Support pinch zoom when viewing videos

  • Change DND to be an on/off toggle only

  • Added dialog if T&C and Privacy are updated (will disappear after you click ‘Agree’)

  • Removed ‘Event Recording’ on/off option and bring back individual toggle for motion/sound

  • New Discover item layout

  • Added logs for firmware upgrade investigation

  • (Android) Fixed the ‘no sound’ issue when playing event videos

  • UI changes and bug fixes

Known issues:

  • (Android) You can’t swipe to prev/next video in full screen mode (will be addressed in V2.1 release)

Beta firmware version:

v2:, Pan:, v1: To be released later

Firmware changes include:

  • Updated solution for the ‘incorrect offline status’ issue

  • Added more guard check before firmware upgrade

  • Added logs for firmware upgrade to catch upgrade issues

Note: Beta software/firmware are early releases which contain our latest features but may have more bugs. You are more than welcome to join our beta testing program but please be aware of the potential impact before joining beta.



App crashes when clicking on video in Events tab, all cameras. 4 v2 and 1 Pan and Tilt. All camera firmware is updated today

@leoaln722… iOS or Android?

Sorry, IOS

Can you submit an app log after the crash?
Here is the instruction:

  • Go to Accounts->Help&Feedback, select Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan depending the issue
  • Click on ‘Report an issue’ icon at bottom right
  • Fill in subject and details, if it is camera specific, select a camera as the device
  • Click Submit and reply this post

We got a report that iOS crashes when clicking on Events ‘…’ button (on iOS 12.1 only). We are investigating and going to fix it soon.

App log just submitted

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IOS 12.1
Cache has been cleared and no change

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We found a bug related to the crash when clicking ‘Event’. It will be fixed in next update. The temporary workaround is to go to Accounts → App Settings → Clear Cache. Then the crash should disappear.

“The temporary workaround is to go to Accounts → App Settings → Clear Cache. Then the crash should disappear.”
That option does not appear to be available on my phone. iPhone 8 with IOS 12.1 operating system.

Sorry I didn’t write down the exact words. It should be Account → App Setting → Cache files size and click ‘Clear’. It should be there. I can’t imagine the bits being different on your phone. Please give it a try again. Thanks!

Okay, I got it. Sorry but I think I misunderstood what you said. Thanks.

This is kind of off subject here But ,I think you need to reevaluate whether you should be posting acronyms and Abbreviations, Ali in general for wyze team, Think about your customer base


JUst went in and tried to duplicate your crash with the latest testflight release using a V1 & V2 fully updated cameras on IOS ver 11… I was able to view, listen & delete a video from Event… :slight_smile:

IOS? Compatibility

Not sure what you’re asking? Yes, the Wyze app is iOS compatible and the beta program is open to iOS users.