2.34 App Beta Test 8/3/2022


  • Android: 2.34.0.b61768
  • iOS: 2.34.0(3)


  • Added support for product search in Shop
  • Added support for Review & Rating in Shop
  • Added support for Wyze Home Monitoring to Wyze Widgets
  • Added support for manual recording for adults to Wyze Scale S and Wyze Scale X
  • Added Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 and v2 compatibility to Smart Support Tool
  • Prevented the Playback button from being clickable when the Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam Pan, or Wyze Cam v3 is offline
  • Bug fixes

Can we get more details for “bug fixes”

It would be nice to know which bugs are being fixed on…

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@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

I am still waiting for the Android 2.34 update, but in the meantime I updated my iOS device and installation was clean and simple as expected.

However, now when I start the app I get the following image:

My App Version on iOS is 2.34.0 (b3). When I click on update now, it takes me to the Apple Store which is presenting 2.33 version.

Wanted to pass this on, Log submitted 670050.


WARNING!!! I have this beta installed on two IOS devices, both betas are logged in as myself. From Events, an event, I can click Playback, and it works on one of my IOS devices (an iPhone), but on the other (an iPad), I get an error, “Playback is Not Accessible for Shared User”. This particularly sucks because I too got that “Update Required” message as spamoni4, so I had to update both IOS devices to the latest beta, and now I fear I’ve got a broken beta version on both of my devices. This is happening with at least two cameras, a Wyzecam V2 running beta, the other a Wyzecam V3 running I will check more of my cams and events, but I consider this a SHOWSTOPPER of a bug, because if the event is interesting enough, I need to review the longer SD card content, which this BUG prevents me from doing.

C’mon Wyze, you need to do a better job with these beta releases, 1273 on the cameras is causing me lots of failure to connect errors, on multiple cameras, and cold restarting them only gets them working for less than a day.

And now this in the app.
Update: same problem on another two cameras I’ve tested, so far I haven’t found a single camera that works from the 2nd IOS device (works here meaning, playback of SD card from the Events tab). This was just within under 5 minutes of testing, I’m posting early results as a warning to other users.

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Same problem for me on iOS (@#$%^& iPhone 8 with 15.6). TestFlight installed 2.34, but then when I start the app it gets the update required popup shown above. If I click on Update Now, it takes me to the App Store where it installs 2.33. Cycle repeats. If I click on later, the app works and after exiting and restarting the Wyze app, I did not get the popup.

On the Android, the Google Play Store did admit that there was an update for me on the Beta app. It started the update, but I was not watching it. It did not appear to do anything, and now it thinks that I am current with v2.33.1 (162).

Same experience

Lots of great changes! Thanks for the detailed changelog :slight_smile:

All seems to work here, didn’t get that mandatory update popup others mentioned, tested search and reviews.

Noticed the “Wonderful World Of Widgets”, 2fa, and device list widgets banner was at the top again, even though I had seen those in the past.


This is exactly why i refuse to beta test

We already deal with bugs after a firmware update release , the devs are sloppy

I know , I know it’s beta testing you’re gonna run into bugs but it concerns me bc these issues will most definitely get through the cracks and be with the new update.

Ugh , i absolutely dread updates

As with all wyze updates , it’s best to wait a few days and even weeks before you update it . So we can wait it out and see if theirs any bugs that made it through the cracks

Beta updates are rough, as bugs are expected. But those bugs save your fellow users from experiencing them for those that help. So a round of applause for the brave techie Beta testers that help out and keep Wyze’s products inexpensive! :slight_smile:


Oh no doubt about it

Just sometimes some bugs still make it through t the cracks , which is unfortunate.


Need more help, or they need to increase the price of all devices? Remember this is a low-cost company unless you change that. :wink:

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@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

Updated both Android and iOS with the latest Beta. Both devices are now Presenting me with the following when I start the App:

Screenshot_20220804-045023 IMG_0290 (1)

In addition, I left my v3 Cameras unplugged for 12 hours, note this was prior to upgrading the app. In any event, Now when I go to the Device Settings and Notifications Menu, the AI selection options are missing. This is only the case on Android and not iOS. iOS shows the AI Notification Selections. The Event Recording Menu still contains AI Selections, so the issue is related to Notifications only. Here is an image on how it looks.

NOTE: The last bullet has the word Exits, it should have been Exists

Here is my Setup:

  • All Cameras are on Cam Plus
  • All V3’s are exhibiting the same issue
  • I am on the latest Beta Release App (now):
    • Android: 2.34.0.b61768
    • iOS: 2.34.0(3)
  • V3 FW I am using is:

I submitted logs from my Android Device

  • Log from Garage Camera V3: 670545
  • Log from Android App not limited to Camera: 670547


I just took my Garage Cam and went back to FW and the AI Setting in Notifications seems to be back. But not the individual selections for each AI. Also notice, the image is not a drop down but rather toggles. So Is what I see above the new look? Where When notification is turned on, it automatically will notify based on the AI Events selected and then you choose All Other Motion if you want everything? Not sure, but wanted to point this out.

At this time, I am inclined to leave my other cameras on the Paused Firmware until a new release is available.

One other observation, The Upgrade notification is not showing since turning off the other v3’s and downgrading the FW on my Garage. So I believe this is all related. I am hoping @WyzeAndy or @WyzeJasonJ can shed some light on this.

Here is what I see on the downgraded V3 Notification Menu area:


Low cost shouldn’t mean sloppy programming. Stop selling all the new stuff which requires massive changes to the app if you can’t do it right.


Thanks @spamoni4 for the report, we’ll look into this issue.



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Thanks. I provided additional information, Logs, and findings not too much further above. Here is the link:

This latest beta is very unstable. It locks up when you tu and turn it to landscape. When you click the landscape box it will not shift and the app has to be restarted. This is getting very frustrating and is the worse and most troublesome so far.

Look at the bright side of this release, the shopping experience has been updated.