Cameras Offline in Monitor Mode

My cameras show as offline ONLY when I go into Monitor Mode. I have rebooted them numerous times but nothing works. All help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Monitor mode? What do you mean by that? Live streaming?

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I am using the Android app and you are on iPhone, so there may be an app specific issue, although I doubt it.

Also, I am not sure if you are just using the WCPv1 you tagged in the header with the monitoring or if you have other models.

Lastly, I don’t know if you are using the CamPlus Pro Monitoring or the HMS.

With all that said, I never use the Monitoring page to view my cams. I have found it to be quite unreliable and it does not load properly,

I have 5 cams loaded to my HMS. I just pulled my cams up, waited about 10 or 15 seconds, and this is what I get:

Since there is no real added functionality for me to have the cams loaded to the monitoring with HMS (they all have CamPlus), I just don’t use it. That may be different with CamPlus Pro, but I can’t test that as the two subscriptions cannot coexist on the same account.

Provide some more details and we might be able to point you in the right direction. I seem to recall reading somewhere, perhaps in a beta thread, about the cams not streaming in the monitoring tab. I will have to do a deep dive.

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It’s the “monitoring mode” that goes on when I click on that we are home or away. It’s the security monitoring.

Thanks for your reply. I only referenced that the cams go offline when I turn on the security monitoring for when we go away or stay in for the night. I don’t use that mode to look at our cams. I also get a “low battery” message too when I turn on the security monitoring despite the batteries being changed and being brand new. I did hear from someone at Wyze and they said the developers are working on this and to give them some time to correct these issues. Hopefully soon. Thanks again for your reply.

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Ok. I understand now: The Home\Away arming sequence page that lists current on duty devices and their status. Now that you mention the incorrect battery status reporting it is all sounding more familiar.

Yes. This is an iOS specific issue. I wasn’t aware that that bug was in a Production Release of the app, I thought it had been identified in Beta.

I am on the Android PR and it is not affected. Word is that the next App PR will be mid-week this coming week. This response was for a different bug, but it does indicate the App PR:

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Thanks for the info. Sorry I may not have properly explained the situation. But hope the issues will be corrected soon. Thanks again for your response.

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Yea this is a known issue, what SlabSlayer said. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I don’t have HMS so don’t know the name of the pages etc :slight_smile:

So this issue effects cameras also? Or since the OP mentioned changing batteries, is the title of the post wrong.

It was reported previously as cams showing offline when arming as well as incorrect battery status. Will have to look for the posts.

Topic thread is correct as that is the problem OP is reporting.

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@daboys5, what Firmware version are you running on the Sense Hub?

The references I found to that bug being reported were actually in Hub FW Version Beta threads. I searched the Production Release thread and found no reports of this.

This was reported previously in

Also, there is some reference to the same battery status issue in app release 2.33 and the 2.34 Beta:

Thanks for the info, I had only heard of sensors and other HMS devices reporting incorrect battery status or offline.

My firmware update is

That is the latest production release FW of the Hub, which is what I am on. I am also on the latest PR of Android and I cannot duplicate the bug. Perhaps this is an iOS specific app issue as reported in 2.33 and 2.34 Beta linked above.