Monitoring quit working

I have 6 cameras. I select monitoring on the app, I get a drawing of a house and a caption “Getting Things Ready”, than after a while "Something went wrong,

I used to get 4 camera images on screen.

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Same here. Everything else works but pressing the home button sits and spins “getting things ready”.

No issues here running iOS app version 2.50.7 (10). Monitoring tab works as well as the new Multi-Cam view. Which Wyze app version and iOS version are you running?

All 4 of my cameras no longer functioning, internet is up and running fine.

Monitoring saya the same thing as above

Noke of my caeras will powwr cylce back on either. galaxy 23+ android 14

2.50.7 (10) and iPhone 14 Pro Max 17.5.1 and it sits and spins getting things ready and then says there is a problem.

All cameras work in my group.

well, it works now. Whole new Monitoring display. I can select 4 cameras, but where before I could have the 4 images on the screen in landscape mode, now I cannot do either. Is there a manual for this app?