App/website is useless for monitoring

Instead of making new cameras left and right, how about make the app work? I leave my ipad running with the app running showing four cameras. Every few hours…failed to connect, please retry. I have excellent wifi coverage and the four cameras are all around my house. They all eventually fail. Is it THAT hard to auto retry? Why make ME retry? Seriously. The app is about useless for monitoring. The website view is a joke. You won’t let us use third party software. Meanwhile, here comes the next camera that I can’t monitor.

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Are you talking about within the app itself or on My.Wyze in a browser window?

Are any of your cameras the Cam Telephoto or Cam Outdoor or Battery Cam?

Both the IOS app, Android App and Browser. None of them will maintain views.
I have mostly outdoor V3s (usb powered). There is one Cam Pan V3. One of them is a V3 on the flood lights.

If all I wanted was to record, ok, they do that just fine. Too hard to pull off the cameras, but at least it works.

I WANT to be able to WATCH the cameras.

Right now, I restarted my ipad, loaded the wyze app. My four cam view is three V3s and one cam pan. The V3 on the flood light has already gone to ‘offline’ after being online for about 5 min. It is not offline. I just back out of the view, went back in, and now all four are online. In the next hour or two, they will all go to ‘retry’. All of this happens every day on a regular basis.

I have solid Wifi 6 from four spots around my house. It is not my wifi network.

Literally while I was typing this, the V3 flood light cam and my V3 backyard cam went offline.

As of now, I’ve bought my last Wyze. This is basic stuff it is incapable of doing. You need to either fix the app/web browser or for F’s sake let us use other software.

[Mod Edit] it’s 2023 shouldn’t be anywhere near an issue to implement!

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