Connection failed in wyze cams

I have 5 cams connected to 3 different networks at home, all with the later updates, they keep disconnecting. Also using 3 Android and 1 apple phones. Are you having the same issue?

Same here, I have 8 cameras. 7 V2 and 1 V3. Since the latest firmware update, I keep having cameras go offline randomly. I power cycle them and they come right back. Pretty annoying!

Happening here also, but I blamed it on my poor network.

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Also getting offline. As soon as I select it, live stream comes right up, I can also view playback so it is getting a signal. but when I open the app, it shows offline and it is not raising any events.

I have other cams working flawlessly but the Wyze disconnects ALL THE TIME. It would have been nice if Wyze made their sw a bit more robust, stable and resilient. Why can’t their app simply RETRY instead of us humans needing to go press the retry button??!

It seems so elementary and basic.