Connection Failed on Live screen

Hello, I poked around the forum but didn’t see my issue. Sorry if this has already been discussed

The Wyze 3 camera and App setup went very smooth and all was working in no time. However, several times when we’ve been away the app wont connect to the live camera. It says Connection Failed. And it seems that no new events are being recorded after that point too. And it will stay like this until we unplug/replug the device. After researching troubleshooting steps I tried to remotely restart the device from the app but that did not change the issue. Most tips say to unplug and replug the device. That step will not work for us because we won’t be at the house to do that. Has anyone else found a way to fix this?

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I would suspect that your cam is loosing WiFi connection from the router. There are countless reasons this could be happening, but most are due to either placement of the cam too far from the router, router device overload, weak signal from the router, or band intereference.

I had these problems until I upgraded to a rock solid bulletproof WiFi router that can handle a bajillion devices and can transmit half way to the moon. I have learned that IP cams like a very robust WiFi network and don’t like jumping back onto the Router IP Bus a lot.

Before I upgraded, I did place an economy Smart Plug (non-Wyze) on every cam. These were less likely to go offline, although they still did occasionally. That is what proved it was my cheap asthmatic WiFi and not the cams. I left all those plugs in place. The probability of them going offline at the same time as the cams is unlikely.

The plugs can be turned off and then on to power cycle the cams from anywhere you have internet access. I haven’t had to use mine since I upgraded my network.

Thanks for the reply! As a test I’ve moved the camera right next to the wifi for now. Will see if it happens over the next couple of weeks. Also going to look into a more powerful router in case that is an issue as well.

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