Wyze Cam v3 lost network conneciton/unstable network error

I’ve seen a few threads on this topic but never got a sense that they were resolved in many cases.

I had this problem occur suddenly today on a camera that had been in operation for approximately a year. Nothing I could do, even a clean setup would let it connect once I moved from my “setup” location next to the router, back where the camera is mounted outside.

Fortunately I had a new spare on hand, so was able to do some diagnostics by elimination. Ultimately, what fixed the problem was replacing the little Wyze power brick that powers the camera.

Even the new camera had the same failure to connect/unstable connection error when I moved it from my “setup” location to where the original camera had been operating for the past year. That was while connecting it to the original power supply.

The original p/s appeared to be working, the red light would appear on the camera but seldom did it go further. Occasionally, it would go to the blue/red light but normally it just stayed a solid red.

The only thing I hadn’t done was put the new power brick in place of the original. Once that was done, the connection came up immediately.

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Odd. I have heard this happen in a couple posts. I would think the power adapter is simple tech. It converts 110v to 5v. Simple pass through. Seems it should either supply 5v or not with the proper amperage. Good you found the issue. Many people take power for granted.

Fairly simple yes, a basic transformer with a circuit to make it DC. The most likely mode of failure in this instance would be a breakdown allowing the AC wave to pass through instead of being filtered out. The wifi circuit in the camera would likely be the most sensitive component to that type of “noise” in its power.

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I took had this issue, now the unit will not stay powered up. And forget about moving it from right next to my router. It drops connection before I’m 5 feet away