Wyze app Monitering blank page


When I touch the Monitoring icon on the Home page of the app I am taken to a blank page. Events, Shop and Account all work fine.
It happens when the camera (V2) is on and off.

I just have the one camera with Cam Plus.

Thanks for any assistance.

The Monitoring tab is only used for the Home Monitoring System (HMS) and not the camera. You can always add up to 5 cameras in HMS if you would like. WHen you added the V2 Camera to your app and connected Cam Plus, you will see all of your selected AI options in the Event Tab tagged accordingly. You can customize the AI process by going to the Settings Menu for the Camera.

If you have an SD Card in the camera, you can set it for continuous or event recording. When you want to see what is on the SD card, you would click the View Playback from the Live Stream page.

If you wish to sign-up for HMS you can go here: Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze. Once you register your HMS setup, you Monitoring Tab will be available for us.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:


Thanks very much!

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