Home Monitoring Feed Issue

I am enjoying the wyze home monitoring feature however 1 of my cameras will just not show events in the app.

I have 5 cameras set up and they all show events in the Monitoring section. My Wyze Cam Pan v1 is 1 of those cameras but nothing coming up in the Security Camera section for events. All of the other cameras have events listed. The Wyze Cam Pan v1 shows events in the actual events tab in the Wyze app just not in the Monitoring section.

I have removed the Cam Pan V1 and readded to the app / cleared cache / signed in out of app. Hoping to get some help at figuring out why the Monitoring section wont show any events for this cam

Nothing shows up under Monitoring > Security Camera for your Cam Pan because you probably have your cam’s detection settings and/or event recording turned off and you have your cam set to record solely based off an automation/external trigger (perhaps a contact or motion sensor?).

The “footage” events shown in the Monitoring section are based off of the cam’s detection triggers, not external triggers. The current cam detection triggers for monitoring are motion, person and smoke/CO alarm. If your cam (not an external sensor) isn’t set to detect these triggers, nothing will display for that cam in the monitoring section, although they are captured and displayed in the Events section.

Please screenshot Wyze app Home > Monitoring > Home Monitoring Settings > Security Cameras. The little icons under each cam represent the trigger types that correspond to the “footage” events shown in the Monitoring section:

In this example, each of these trigger types must also be enabled in the cam’s settings.

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That makes perfect sense, thank you for breaking that down for me. I wasn’t putting the device records specifically vs a trigger together in how they work. I am all set.

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No problem… glad to help. :+1:

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