After adding Home Monitoring i’m having many issues, MANY

So, I went to normal support but they told me to come here since I’ve been Beta testing. Here we go:

EVERY camera if you click an event other than the two pan v2 show this error. All cameras do not show events except the pan V2’s when trying to view videos. And NONE of the cam v2 show ANY motion when clicking on view events i get the NO SENSOR VIDEO. Everything has been set up correctly and has worked great until the home monitor system was installed.

If you click on the motion to view the videos, they all show NO SENSOR VIDEOS, but you can try to find it if you click view playback.

Pictures added and posting firmware versions:
Pan cam V1:
Pan cam V2:
Wyze Cam V2’s

I have 2 V2 pan cams, 1 V1 Pan Cam, and 4 Wyze Cam V2’s.

Also, I am unable to update the pan cam V2’s new firmware, it just restarts and the app states it can’t connect to it. Please help me as wyze regular support were no help at all. [EDIT, this was corrected and they did finally update, ignore this]

Edit: It won’t allow me to post pictures.

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I have sent a mod request to up your rights so you can post images so members of the community can help get you squared away.

What platform are you using Android or iOS and which Wyze App beta version are you on?


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Thanks for approving pictures. Posting below.

Wyze support directed me to reset the cams that did the 07 error so I had to re add them and then put a license to them. But same issue. I did clear the cache and even deleted app and reinstalled normal and with beta. Cam pan v1 doesn’t have the 07 issue every time but most of the time. Thanks for any help!

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Also on iOS. Forgot to mention that.

Couple of Questions. Since you are Beta Testing, there was a new beta App update 2.25.16 (4). go to the Test Flight app in iOS and see if you have an update. I would perform that update as some issues have been corrected.

Then, make sure your Camera’s Beta Versions are the latest:

  • Cam Pan v2:
  • Not sure of the Cam Pan v1 as I don’t have one.
  • Cam v2: I am running version Wyze downgraded and tested many versions with me. I believe they pulled the .352 version.

Whenever I got the error 7, I removed power from the camera and let it sit for about a minute or two. then plugged it back in and waited for about a minute for it to fully connect. I also went to Account (bottom right of the app), Account Settings, then clear cache. Once Cache is clear, shut the app down - don’t start streaming the camera’s yet. Restart the phone, then go back to the app and see if you can stream your camera’s. if you can, record an event and see if you can watch the events without issue. The ones from the past which shows an error may still show an error, which is why I am recommending to record an event and then see what happens.


App is on 2.25.16

Wyze Cam V2s are on
Cam Pan V2s are on

How do I get the V2s to upgrade to the right firmware? I went to the Firmware version but doesn’t give me an option to upgrade?

Thanks for your help!

You need to downgrade to the Prod version for now. Wyze is working on the fix. Go to this page and expand the v2 section, select the latest Prod FW to downgrade to:

Here is how to do it


Sorry for the delay @Dangehzone83. Got called away on business.

Thanks for jumping in @spamoni4


Ok, I will try this next and report back my findings! Thanks for everyone’s help so far!

Got the cameras to downgrade minus the pan cam. Now it’s stuck ona yellow light. Any suggestions? I deleted everything off the card except the demo.bin.

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