New Pan camera not recording events to cloud

Just received a new Wyze pan cam. Setup went fine and firmware was updated. All seems to work (live stream, pan, etc.) except no events (like motion) are detected, no notifications are generated, and nothing is being recorded to the cloud. Have read all the faq but no help. Cannot flash a prior firmware since I don’t have a SD card. Any ideas to fix this would be great, or is this a known firmware issue?


I’m having the same issue as well. It detects sound but only when its super loud noises but I haven’t had any motion detection recordings and I have the settings max’d to high. I’m hoping it gets fixed with an update.

There is a known problem with the latest Pan firmware.



One more time for those of you who missed it - Here’s what I did to get all motion features:

  1. Received new Cam Pan cameras.
  2. Updated firmware to when installing cameras. No working motion features.
  3. Downgraded firmware to Motion features working.
  4. Updated Android app to 2.3.15 (the latest at the time). Motion features still working.
  5. Updated firmware back up to All motion features working.
  6. Latest firmware and app working with all motion features enabled.

There’s better instructions elsewhere but I don’t have them bookmarked.

Found them:
From Loki:
It is a bit on the techie side. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required in step 2:

  1. Here are the links directly to the .50 and .40 firmwares:

  1. When you click each of these, it should download a file ending in .zip to your computer (you need to be on a computer to do this).
  2. Expand the compressed .zip file. This is usually done by double clicking it. On some computers, it will expand automatically. The result will be a file called “demo.bin”. If that’s not the exact hame it gets (eg, sometimes it ends up demo.bin.bin), then rename it to “demo.bin”.
  3. Insert your microSD card into the computer. Copy the demo.bin file over to the top level of the SD card directory. Make sure it’s the only file/folder there. Delete any others.
  4. Eject the SD card from the computer.
  5. Continue with step 3 in the instructions.


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Thanks for confirming there is a firmware issue. However, since I don’t have a microSD card I’ll either have to get one or wait for Wyze to fix it.

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Same boat. I do have an SD card but I’ll wait until Wyze pushes a firmware update.