New Cam Pan won't detect motion events even if it's turned on

Have a V2 over a year and been satisfied with no issues. Just purchased the Cam Pan and received it yesterday. Hooked it up with my existing wifi network with no issues. Apparently, this new Cam Pan would not detect motion therefore not recording any motion events. Sound detection is turned on and has no problems recording sound events. Also, motion tracking and motion does not work - no green box. Power down the Cam Pan a couple times and reconnected it to the network with no success in getting the motion detection to work. Appreciate any help on this. Cheers!

Was there a firmware update right after you installed it? There is a known issue with the .50 former that’s affecting some but not all Pans. See this for more info and a workaround:

Yes an update took place after installing it. Currently at .50 - Thanks for the help! Will downgrade it to .40

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Hello @gabfran, if you haven’t downgraded yet, could you please send it logs through the Wyze app so it can help the devs find the root cause of this issue.

Sorry, I had already downgraded and all’s well now.

That is okay, thank you anyways. Glad to hear your issue was fixed. :grin:

I have this issue on my first two pan cams that arrived yesterday. Set them up last night and there is no motion detected and no push notifications.

Hey support Wyze team just one thing. Remove the upgrade to .50 since it has bug. You guys know that it has a major bug for at least 4 days and even knowing it you guys keep the version .50 live. It is bad.
I just bought a CAM and as a lot of people once turn on it I got a message to upgrade the firmware version.
Turn off the version and once you guys get the fix you roll it to everybody other you are breaking everybody cams


Just seeing this. Received my first pan cam a week ago and motion and night vision does not work. Had been going back and forth with tech support and they wanted to make sure I was on the new version update. Never mentioned it was likely what was causing the issue. Recieved a new one today and same thing. I’ve already updated to the new version. This one is worse than the other because now I keep getting error 20015 and telling me to power cycle. How do I downgrade?u

Firmware flashing instructions and links to the firmware are below, on this page:

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Thanks. I did that on Saturday and it did fix the issues for motion on both cameras immediately Didn’t fix the night vision on the first, but I think that is an isolated issue.

Agree 1000%
Its nonsense that they have this update out. Seems to cause more issues than it resolves

I am having this issue, how do i send logs?

Hello @JennLynnC, follow this thread for instructions on how to send in logs through the Wyze app.

How To Take A Log

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Thanks. I just sent.
Can you please tell me how to downgrade my Pan Cam firmware? If this is called “reflashing” i have read the instructions here but i dont even know how to do step 2. Can you talk to me like i am 5 on how to do this please?

this Video should be able to help you out better then the article may have. If you still have any questions let me know.

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I have been watching this video for a couple hours. Every time it turns back on it somehow has the .50 firmware and not the .40 i wanted to install :frowning: it shouldn’t be so hard !

Okay, I’ma do my best to help you out because at first it was a bit tricky to get a hang of the steps and follow them correctly. What step are you stuck at?

I have spent 3 days screwing with this thing. I am thoroughly disgusted at this point.
I purchased this through amazon.
Because i am stupid i threw away all the packaging.
Does anyone know if it is possible to return unboxed cams directly to wyze for a replacement?

First you do not need the packaging. When you initiate a return on Amazon you can choose no printer and they will send you a UPS barcode via email. May be text option too. Take your item to any UPS store, show them the barcode and they package and send back for you. No charge.

Second I also had problem with the download taking until I deleted the camera from the app and went through the adding it back in. Once it did the scan of the QR code and it installed, it asked to update to .50 which I checked the box to not ask me again and declined it. Now I was at .40.

Hope all this helps. Wyze customers service has been great for me. I’ve been working with Danielle. Good luck!

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