New Wyze Cam Pan No Motion Detection or Tracking

I just setup two wyze cam pan cameras in the living room and kitchen. The motion tracking is not working on either camera at all. I have never seen the green boxes indicating motion tracking in the room that I have seen on the demo YouTube videos. The camera does not automatically pan when I move around the room or even move my hand in front of it. It doesn’t detect my kids morning or anything moving. I receive no alerts based on motion but the sound based alerts and detection work fine. I have adjusted the motion sensitivity setting to 70%, 90% 99%, 100% and nothing seems to improve the motion detecting situation. I unplugged them, moved them and have fiddled with every setting on the app. Nothing I do makes motion tracking work in any way like I have seen in the demos and reviews. I bought 7 of these pan cams and if the first 2 that I open don’t work I’m afraid to open the other 5 boxes. I’ll call support in the morning but I’m afraid these are already toast. Yes, I even tried these with the latest firmware and the out of the box firmware and still no motion tracking, tagging or detection of movement. What a disappointment!!!

I just ordered a bunch of wyze cams recently - a bunch of v2s and a pan, and had the exact same issue with my pan. No green boxes, no motion detecting. I could put it on patrol mode but it would never find me and lock on. You’re more patient than me though, contacting support. I tried out of box firmware and updating it as well, and then after that I just started an amazon return. Already have the next one on the way. Maybe it was a bad batch or something of them?

My v2s show the green box and work just fine.

Yes, that’s my exact situation. Looks like you have the same problem with your pan cam. I have not been able to call support yet during their business hours but I did submit a support ticket. Haven’t heard back yet.

Here is my latest update. I deleted the two pan cams today and re-added them in the app and now motion tracking is working as expected even though it was not working just before I deleted them and had not been working all week. I called support yesterday and he verified my settings were correct. I also setup 4 other pan cams today and they all worked fine. Hopefully the motion tracking feature will continue to work.

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I did this, too, however it didn’t fix it for me unfortunately.


My replacement pan came and worked perfectly fine out of the box and is now happy as part of my wyze ecosystem.

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I have the same problem, new cam pan. Can you please post the steps you took to remedy?
I’m seeing remove device and reinstall but does that mean change cam name?