Wyze Cam Pan worse than Wyze Cam

At least the regular version works! Motion detection doesn’t work. Period.

i don’t get it. The latest and greatest version is worse than the cheaper version. All four of my new cameras can’t detect and alert moving targets.


You can’t just complain that it doesn’t work, you have to be more specific about your issue. Mine work just fine, tracking is a bit off at times but I’m sure they will fix that.

Motion detection does not work. How simple can this statement be?

Mine works too. Does require a higher sensitivity than the V2, but it does work.


Our motion tracking is a joke. The camera just randomly starts panning without anyone in the room.

When someone is in the room it doesn’t ‘track’ them at all, if anything it over tracks.

It was so bad that I had to turn the feature off, which is a shame because it’s the whole reason why I bought this camera.

Hopefully they will fix this. It’s not an issue with other brands of cameras so they just need to tweak it.

The Wyze Cam Pan is my first Wyze cam. I have mine pointing out of a front window and it would detect bushes and tree leaves blowing in the window, but not detect people walking right in front of the camera. I upped the sensitivity and now it detects people, but it picks up so much nature that it makes finding people in the recordings a huge effort and not useful. I’m going to have to leave my Foscam as the front door cam and move the Wyze cam to a location that is not so important to monitor.