Wyze pan motion detection not working

I’ve a wyze standard cam V2. had it for a while now and it works great. all features. Just got a wyze pan. everything seems to work except the motion detection feature. I’ve factory’d it a few times holding in the button for 30 secs, turn sens up to max in app, nothing, no motion detection on the pan at all but sound detections work. I’ve compared the settings between the 2 cams and i cant find any reason the motion wouldn’t be working. What am I missing?

Set Sensitivity to 80 or above. Also turn on sound detection. When motion detection is working, you can turn off sound detection.

Done and done. I initially had motion detection on the standard V2 cam at 25 which works well for it. took the wyze pan up to 50, 75, and 100 with sound detection on but still no motion, only sound det works on the pan. I have sound det set to 15 on both the standard and pan and they seem to work equally.

Well in writing the last reply, I actually got a motion detection on the pan with it set to 100. there was a moth flying around the garage and as I was watching the event, it still seems the motion is set too low even though its set to 100. the pan did not seem to track it the entire time it was in front of the cam. I also have motion tracking on for it to follow events. it did not track the motion the entire time it was happening. I will give it more time and test it more tomorrow. thanks for your input.