Wyze cam pan camera not detection motion or taking videos

Just last week I ordered a pan camera and install it in the house to monitor things when I’m away, and I have the motion detection set on 50 percent sensitivity and I can jump around in front of it and do all kinds of movement, and it will never detect me or record a video. I did however update to the most recent firmware update of, and I don’t know if there is a bug in that firmware or not, but other than just being able to connect to it to see a real time stream, I would never know if anyone broke into the house or not, as it is not detecting any motion despite being told to do that and record events.

Also, since I didn’t want this to be “seeing” in our house all of the time, just only when away, I have it connected to a smart switch that stays off until our system is armed and we go “away”, and then the switch comes on and the camera boots up, but it never seems to do anything when it is on, as I have automated lights that come on that should be triggering motion events that do not, so I’m at a loss to believe this thing is even going to be of any count for doing the very thing I had bought it to do.

If anyone has any thoughts or knows how to solve this issue, I would greatly appreciate hearing from the expert community! :slight_smile: If I cannot resolve this, then I may soon no longer be a Wyze cam owner/user.

This is a KNOWN and seemingly FIXED problem for many of the Pan cams.
You just got in on the tail end of it.
They just came out with .60 about last Thursday.
People had been
Getting the Pan cam
Starting it up and getting the update to .55 (or .50?) (NOT .60)
Finding motion detection DIDN’T work.
Then they figured out if they reverted to .40, they could upgrade to .50 and it would work.

Wyze apparently got a fix for most of them last week (.60) in the Beta forum, and I thought it was working for all cams.

I’m running Beta .55, if I go to
Settings–>Device Info–>Firmware Upgrade–>Have Problem
(down at bottom)
I have options to revert back versions.

If you don’t have that option you might try to reflash the firmware.


It’s more difficult than mashing a button but it works for most people that don’t have the revert option in the app.

Good luck, they are amazing cams for the price they sell them for today, $29.99+ sh.

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I downgraded my firmware to, and now it barely detects any motion, so a rare event gets uploaded to the cloud, but even if I jump around in front of the camera, for the most part it will never detect me, just in a couple rare circumstances did it record and upload video. The motion sensitivity setting is set to 70%, and my Wyze cam v2 when I had it set at 50% was taking videos all over the place, so I cannot figure out what it takes to get the camera to trigger and take a video to upload to the cloud. Motion detection is turned on, but it is soooo unreliable it is vexing. Do I need to downgrade even further?

Actually, upgrading back to .60 should fix your issue, as it was intended to fix the problem you described in your original post. Also, I’m not sure if you were aware of it, but there is a 5 minute cooldown period between motion detection event notifications (camera motion detection, not Wyze Sense motion detector).


Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the previous website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Hmmmm…I originally was on the .60 firmware and ended up downgrading to get it to partially work, so how would upgrading back make it work better than before, since when I was on that version, only sound detection worked, not motion detection? I’m a little wary of upgrading at this point, as at least now I have some functionality, but I wonder if upgrading will really fix that issue, as I was on that version and had to downgrade to fix that issue. If you have an explanation that would explain why upgrading would now work when before it didn’t, then I might be willing to try it, but I’m about to leave the country for 10 days and I don’t want a useless camera sitting in the house just only waiting for some sound to trigger it.

I have read in other threads where people initially had trouble with .60, downgraded to a prior version, then upgraded to .60 again and their issue was fixed. Because Wyze doesn’t force an upgrade onto cameras, if you are more comfortable with the prior version, then you should stay with what you are comfortable with.

I had also provided you with the link to the Support Request page, and you have the option to submit logs via the app.