Cam Pan Motion detection Not Working

Ok, can you give me an alpha/ninja version so I can stop to hit my head on the wall?

I think it’s been taken out of Android also.
Following your path there is no Have a Problem choice. I seem to remember it from somewhere.

My apologies to all. I must have seen it in some beta version of the app.


Seriously, I buyed the cam because I love the wyze approach but I really want to see how they works… but for now I have just a baby monitor

Considering that I payed extra fees in order to receive this cam in Italy I would like to solve the issue fastly and without purchaise an sd… or i’ve to go to return the order. Thanks in advance!

This is what worked for me… all of our pan cams are now working properly. I hope this helps you all.


Same here. Just got my Wyze Cam Pan today, April 25h, 2019 and am also having the Same issue with
No motion tracking and no sound detection. Was prompted for firmware update out of the box and it is now on

Has one one confirmed that their night visions lights work? Just wondering if there is a related issue with the Firmware. I can confirm mine don’t.

We’re sorry to hear this, everyone. I sent the link to other people in the team. If you’re up for it, please send us app and firmware logs if you’re running into this issue. You can do that through the Help & Feedback section of the Account tab in the Wyze app. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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Thanks for the reply. Just sent my logs through the help and feedback section of the app.


You’re welcome! Thanks so much for the logs. If you want a quick(ish) fix, we’ve been hearing consistently positive results with the firmware flashing method outlined above.

Thanks. Will give this a try soon.

Ok, how do you do that?

See this:

Ehm, I don’t have a sd card, sd reader, sd writer. How can I do without spending money?

I don’t know of a way right now. But here’s one for three bucks:

Lots of other options on Amazon as well.



Sorry, forgot you are in Italy.

I will mention that Wyze Cams are not supposed to be being sold outside of the US. They are not officially supported outside the US and territories.

That said, I’m sure you can find a very inexpensive SD card reader locally. That’s the best advise I can offer.

In other situation the mood is different, because i read a lot of sentences like “we are a US company but we open our services globally…” and similar.
I think that now is convenient say that this is a only US company…

I’d be very interested in links/references to any statements by Wyze that they are a global company, because in everything that I have seen, they have been very clear that their products are only supported in the US at this time. They have been clear that they have asked Amazon not to sell them outside the US and Amazon has violated that request. They have stated that they would like to expand internationally at some point, but are not ready to do that yet.

See this: