New Cam Pan won't detect motion events even if it's turned on

can you possibly explain how you deleted your camera from the phone app?
i have clicked on every thing on this app at least 30 times and cant find anything.
i even deleted the app and when i reinstalled the app everything was still set up in the app exactly as it was before being deleted.

I found it under device settings. i will give this a try when i get home. thanks for your help

Happy to help. Hope it works!

Performed latest update .60 and now works like a charm. Everything

I have 3 v2 cameras all work great. We were excited to get the pan cam and it’s been nothing but trouble. We even pre purchased the motion sensor and entry way sensors and loved them. This thing by far is the worst product they sell. I’ve updated the software on the device and the app and still does not sense motion. I don’t recommend this product to anyone!

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

The Pan Cams are not more or less reliable than the V2s. There may be an issue with your particular camera. Contacting support is the way to deal with that.

I actually got it working this evening and so far so good. I rolled the firm wear back and it works fine now. What a hassle but at least we are happy the past 2 hours.

I have the same problem with firmware New camera and updated when installing/setting up.

Same here with both the cam and pan. Neither are saving video. :frowning:

Got them both cranked up to 100% sensitivity. No luck.

Waited a while to buy these and was excited, but now I don’t know. I will give it a day or to. I’m on for the pan and for the cam.

No issues with the V2, but the pan is giving me a head ache.
I’ve already downgraded the firmware to .40 , .60, and the latest one. Sensitivity to 100%, all notifications are on, moved recordings from continuous to events only. So far i only get sound detection whenever. Still no recordings when view playback is pressed.
I got another box of pan waiting for installation. I cant move on without fixing this issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Looks like they are looking into the issue

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Thanks Jason.

My Wyze Cam Pan still no detecting motion and recording… Any update regarding the fix? Thanks

If you are willing to help them out a bit you can, here is the latest update I know of:

Brand new Wyze cam pan from Amazon, at set up I did the firmware upgrade, no motion detection no tracking. Is there a link for those who are not so technical get this working?

As noted above, Wyze is investigating the cause of this issue which is affecting only certain Pan Cams. The workaround for now is to manually reflash the firmware. Instructions for that can be found here:


I just purchased a new Wyze cam pan and had this same same issue, here is how I fixed it… Go into device settings > device info > Firmware upgrade, then tap on “Have problems?” and you should see a list of former versions that you can revert to. I did this and reverted back to xxx.5.94 and motion detection, tracking and tagging began working for me. I hope this helps!

Thanks, I downgraded to the prior version of the firmware and all is working

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently re-upgraded the firmware that it guided me to when I first installed (the one that was causing the Cam Pan to stop tracking and tagging motion) and the motion tracking and tagging is working again! I hope this will work for everyone else as well!

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I am in Firmware Upgrade but it tells me “Your firmware is up to date!”. No “have problems?” to click on. Am I missing something? I have version I would like to revert back a version so I can hopefully get my motion detection fully working again.